So… I’m here at work (I work in a public high school – Bronx Science in MIS) putting in a switch box when I found a Degus in the hallway. First, I thought it was a rat. However, he had a cute little snout and looked similar to a chinchilla.

The animal room is on the third floor (the bio wing) too. So, the little guy escaped. I didn’t know what to do… so I called danny. The little guy was so frightened and hanging out in the corner of a locker. I shooed him out and scared him into a little tin can I use as a garbage can until security got there.

The security guard… was perplexed. We brought the little guy to the animal room… where we proceded to try to figure out where he escaped from. “No… not there… that’s the snake cage…”, “What about here?”, “Oh no… that’s the giant Madagascan Roach cage…”

Finally, I found his little companion in another cage next to a cage with a hole chewed through the plastic. We propped up some glass cages next to the hole and put the guy back in. Well, this was after he jumped out of the tin can I was holding… freaked us out… Ross came in the room and helped us catch him again… and we scared him into the cage. Finally.


uh… yeah.

There is no one else in the school except for myself, Ross, and the security guy (and I think few students who are in Robotics).

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