Yesterday I ventured outside to meet few classmates. We sat down and read each other’s papers. That prospect is pretty scary to me, but shouldn’t be. It really shouldn’t be if I plan on going on in academia.

It might be a cause of worry that people started making cracks that my paper was way too long and *boring*. Like… “well, the parts that my eyes didn’t glaze over were great,” “hey it isn’t that bad,” “dude, wait till you get to the last 5…” Granted, that most of that was to get under my skin.


At least it wasn’t in courier new font. : P hrmph.

We worked from 7-11/12 and went to get a drink at the library. a bar called library.

From the astor place starbucks where we were working, we saw santacon. Hundreds of santas screaming and running around New York in utter chaos. o.O Scarey.

And today, I slept in and feel so much chippier. I am still a bit sniffly and coughy… but for the most part I feel better. My throat isn’t burning a second hell at least.

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