I don’t watch too much TV (commercials bother me & I’m never really around enough for it). I download my favorites, though, which are usually recommended by friends.

I really used to like Grey’s Anatomy. It was funny, smart, and slightly indulgent without too much saccharine bullshit. Now a days, the character development is really minimal. It’s as if they got off the ground and got lazy. Now, Meredith just mopes around in each episode and the bulk of the substance always falls towards the patient in some gooey heart warming/pulling ending. I really don’t like it when the episode is carried by the patient or client (shows like Boston Legal). It is always some one time storyline that I really don’t care about. When that’s all you’re left with… uhg. That really annoys me. An engaging storyline with the main characters (done well) is always so much more complex. (or that’s what one hopes for) They’ve really been skimping out on a lot of that.

And… I don’t follow Izzy character very well. You know what she’s thinking but would anyone really act like that?

It still manages some golden witty moments, especially with Bailey… It got really slow after ***** and ***** fell apart. Bah.

I still have some hope that the writers have some plan/direction that might be worthwhile. Eh. And it is still amusing enough. I just haven’t been too happy with the past couple (3) of episodes.

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