So, today was my good friend’s birthday. We (J and I) ran around from around 9-10am looking for things such as balloons, chicken, etc. We baked some chocolate cake (from the Cake Bible!), made some asian spicy noodles, fried chicken, and salad. There was also some fried rice someone brought.

The chocolate cake was good (if I do say so myself). It was butter chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate frosting. Over the dark icing, we drizzled some white chocolate in swirly pretty patterns and we were done! It sounds like chocolate overload, but it wasn’t really sweet at all (in fact, the cake itself was cocoa instead of sweet chocolate) since we used bittersweet and dark chocolate for the most part. I can’t stand things that are cloying. Mmmm. The best part is, if you freeze/keep it in the fridge after cooling, the whole thing becomes dense and fudgy. (this time we opted not to do that)

The kitchen was in chaos and it was mostly a tag-team effort with J overseeing/delegating. We had the boys be our little helpers.

It was an overall fun time with a small crowd… very light-hearted. D was surprised for the most part. ; )

Although we spoke about “not looking forward to Thanksgiving” after this, I think I actually am. We’re already talking over the details of the cooking.

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