Yesterday, I didn’t do much of anything. I went to central park early in the morning. For the rest of the time, I laid low with my huge issue of glamour magazine. They finally came to fix my buzzer (its been broken for the past two months).

I played the piano horribly for a while. I grew tired and sleepy and zonked out for 9 hours. The end. Pathetic, non?

I realized that much of my ability just went out the window. I think I’m hopeless with playing without a teacher. I’m just terrible and slow at note reading… sigh.

I will never be able to play a Tori Amos song… just because she is crazy with the time signatures and notations. Ah well. I’m off to the Tori Amos concert today. Yay. I’m going to admit something that might not make me too popular with the other tori-philes… I’m not too big of a fan of her solo shows. Sigh. I miss the band. Still, it will be nice to get out to the beach. The venue has ok sound, but the scenery is AMAZING. Having the sun setting in the ocean in the backdrop was a highlight of the 2003 show. I’m glad to be returning. Kier went to the CT Wallingford show yesterday, and I’m jealous that she played “Caught a Light Sneeze” there.

I woke up at around 1am. I felt like I did nothing all day and wanted to go out for a walk. Sigh. Too bad Dan moved away… or I would drag him out. At least it will be morning soon. My sleep might be fucked.

Ok.. the problem is… the problem always was that I feel like I am doing poopy-doo, NOTHING. Shit. Maybe this will fade when I am finally nestled in the hell hole that’s grad school and have a regular life. I can only hope so. At the moment, I hate it. I hate being back and being idle. I’ve been stuck here since March. I hate it. < / your regular daily dose of hate > It’s unbearable. I’m losing my mind and its only the second day. I need a life. Sorry. Just had to get that out.

In other more fluffy-bunny-esque news, George made my night when he left a voicemail saying “I just called to say that you’re hot. Ok. I’m off to bed. Good night.” : ) Thank you.

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