I gave it a listen to before, but I have to admit that I wasn’t really paying attention. In general it didn’t really grab me…. it wasn’t too memorable. (I think I just stopped listening after the first two songs) I was one of those Garbage fans that stopped listening after “Version 2.0″… and really disliked “Beautiful Garbage.”

First of all… “Bleed Like Me” IS more like the self titled “garbage” than “beautiful garbage.” Still… there is an edge missing. The new album is still more synth pop than rock and much more softer. The album really fails to pull you in in the beginning, unfortunately. (hence my previous opinion) However, I did find redemption in “Why Do You Love Me” and the end of the album (which resembles “Ver 2.0”). “Boys Wanna Fight” was especially memorable. Surprisingly, the soft and slow ballad “It’s All Over But The Crying” was really nice. The rest of the album is catchy… but the lyrics are a bit cheesy at parts. Their lyrics were always very linear, but whenever Manson says “C’mon baby be my bad boyfriend…” in “Bad Boyfriend,” it makes my skin crawl.

It’s really worth a listen (and more)… but this is much more produced than their first self titled album. In this case, since it was their unpolished rough edge that gave them their distinct sound, it’s a bit of a disppointment.

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