I’m alive and well and still in Japan. Right now, i’m in Kagoshima. My internet access has been limited. Right now, I’m staying at my cousins’ (opposed to my grandmother’s) where technology is thriving and everyone is in the 21st century.

We’ve been busy with some ohaka mairi and matters regarding my father’s ashes. There’s also obon coming up. I’ve also been going to onsen (public bath houses / natural springs ) a lot… which is wonderful. I ate some ramen, went shopping, and in general have kept moving.

I’ve come to the conclusion that two weeks in kagoshima is the perfect amount of time. There’s no time to be idle. (especially this time around) We went to Miyazaki and Izumi… miyazaki rare steak was delicious. Otherwise, I’ve been eating a lot of kaiten (rotating) sushi, general washoku courses (Japanese style food), and yummy home cooked meals. I think a good summary of this vacation is Eating, Onsen, Ohaka/relative/respecting those who’ve left us (death?).

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