Who’s Afraid of Shelby Knox?, 6/10/2005 – The Texas Observer

The Education of Shelby Knox shows the progression of understanding of tolerance within Shelby Knox through her years in highschool. After seeing the conditions of High Schoolers’ sex ed classes, she becomes a voice for a more comprehensive sex education course in Texas. Although she has her moral convictions about premarital sex, she becomes an unlikely ally for teens’ sexual education. The movie is mostly about tolerance regardless of religious or moral convictions, that and common sense.

I urge everyone to check this documentary out on PBS on June 21, 2005.

I saw a screening of this at the Lincoln Center Human Rights Watch International Film Festival with my friend Lige. Afterwards, there was a Q and A with Ms. Knox, herself. She was much more eloquent than she ever was on the film, very surprisingly. It was a real treat.

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