Perhaps this is the point of the book, however, I can’t say that I really get Kafka’s The Castle. I mean, other than a book about the unattainable and people and yourself that are utterly unhelpful, stumped, and lost in a maze of convoluted tasks. This can very well just be the point of the book, as a sort of commentary on general life. I suppose. This idea is a bit disappointing and unsatisfactory. The point is, it isn’t a hard read, but the plot is unrecognizable, really, and when you don’t see the point of something, it’s hard to plough forward with the reading. Hence, I’m taking way too long to really read this. Eh. I think I might have to check out sparknotes, or other resources after I finish it. (I would like to give my own brain a chance to process this without any help.)

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