The other day, I visited the Allison and Parris showroom and met with the production staff and showroom manager. The dresses were lovely and they encouraged me to try things on, but I felt a little too insecure. You know?

I was there with someone who was launching their fashion company and was looking for a dress to wear at their charity/launch party, which will utlimately get auctioned off.

The dresses were all very very lovely, especially the rooster feather dress featured here. However, in the end we settled on a tutu skirt worn pre-production that was cute, flouncy, and showed off my companions legs. I feel like their dresses are actually made for women to wear. They shape you, they have cute details, and they are crafted really well…

Originally I got to know her through a good friend who works with her. My good friend is planning a large reunion and ultimately looked at spaces with her for both of their respective events. That was a headache. I was automatically volunteered into something like that. In a similar vein, I was roped into helping this non-profit ensemble with their lead generation and funding. I have to see if I can grab some swag at work to auction off.

I have to say that off the bat these responsibilities don’t really appeal to me. Some people like planning parties, events, etc… I am not really one of them. I like coming to the party and drinking, you know? I really don’t know how I got myself into this.

However if any of them require me to try things on and model pretty dresses at events. It’s daunting, but I’ll do it. Twist my arm now… :P

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