I’m averaging at one entry per month. I thought I should shake things up with a second entry.

Currently, I’ve run out of things to read. The last thing I enjoyed was Jay Rubin’s Haruki Murakami and the Music of Words. I thought I would dislike it, because I’m generally not very interested in other people’s readings of my favorite fiction authors. However, I enjoyed Jay Rubin’s book, because it was more than his interpretations. It had a lot of biographical data about Murakami that really enriched my ideas of his works.

Before that, I finished the Deptford Trilogies by Davies and Tokyo Vice by Jake Adelstein, both works of which I absolutely LOVED, and Miranda July’s Nobody Belongs Here More Than You, which I thought was indulgent, and at times, interesting, drivel. Eh. I was curious about and picked up Eat Pray Love and consequently kind of regretted it. However, it might be morbid curiosity that keeps me going back for more.

Otherwise, I’ve been eating great and watching tons of Law and Order: SVU. Law and Order, it’s my new thing. I don’t know why I am all of a sudden so fascinated by it. At the end of the day, it’s what I want to watch; experiencing this morbid schaudenfraude.

I HATE that during the week, I get home, cook or buy dinner, and then watch 2-3 episodes of instant watch netflix and go to bed. However, I’ve had lovely weekends of lazy mornings cooking hash, eating on my roof top in the sun, and drinking lots of bubbly drinks. I guess it works out. I’ve become one of those drones that go on automatic pilot during the week to try to bask in the weekend…

I’ve been going to the gym twice to three times a week. That’s it. I’ve been slowing things down and enjoying the sun. I’ve been really enjoying walking around again. I finally bought some bras for the first time in 2 years. Did you need to know that? No, but it’s just such weird and awful knowledge that lets you in on how much I’ve let go of certain things…

Life life life…

2 Thoughts on “Now that the weather is improving…

  1. The change in frequency of your bra purchase is pretty indicative.
    I personally am not much of a cloth buyer, so I’d say it’s a progress, lol.
    What I find more problematic is an uptight use of “I didn’t need to know that”.
    It’s often applied hypocritically. Oh well.
    I have yet to really discover Murakami Haruki. He seems to impress a lot of people,
    but I feel nothing for him. Hmm.

  2. I love your response. “The change in frequency of your bra purchase is pretty indicative.” But what is it indicative, of? I am tempted to post that as my status.

    Is it good how much I don’t care about the state of my underwear? I don’t care about pretty underwear anymore… but I do think I should get good supportive bras, which I didn’t have after two years. You know, for the breasts. Keeps the wear and tear down or something. So in that regard, I have failed.

    Murakami Haruki is a minimalist and his works oftentimes use magical realism. I find that it echoes with me. It also characterizes a certain apathetic ennui that I think Japan has going on right now…

    I think his protagonist resonates with A LOT OF people.

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