The other day I went with my coworker MJ to get her new pair of glasses. I thought, “self, maybe I should get my eyes checked and get shiny cute new glasses?” So, this afternoon, I went to get my eyes checked. And I possibly wanted new frames.

The issue is that my health insurance is United Health Care. And through their portal, I went to the “vision claims,” section and it said UHC Vision. So, I went to the store and told them I have UHC Vision. They said that must be part of a larger vision benefits plan. They guessed Spectera, they looked up my name, and lo and behold: I WAS THERE! So, I get my eyes checked. I give them the $20 copay. Then, they tell me that I have no allowance for frames or lenses. They tell me that lenses are $45 and they can give me a 15% discount on frames.

For a copay, MJ got a new set of glasses. So, I got my prescription and came back to the office to investigate. MJ told me where she got her benefits information on the site, and it ends up she has VSP. Wait, I have VSP too. Why do I have Spectera, also? Is it the same thing?

I called the glasses shop to confirm, and no, it’s not the same thing. I guess UHC gave us a secondary vision plan for exams, except I paid $20 with Spectera and VSP only had a $15 copay. It’s kind of really annoying to me. It shouldn’t bug me, but it does. The good news is, though, that I can go pick up glasses up to $130 in value for a $25 copay. Anything above that I get 20% discount off the amount over $130. That’s pretty decent.

I would get the lens on my current glasses switched, but there really isn’t much of a difference, the doctor says. Just some small tweaks. I just want some new glasses. I think they want me to get some new glasses, too.

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One Thought on “Why do I have two different vision benefits? Where did my $5 go?

  1. Hi Umi,

    Were are so glad found value and savings in using your VSP benefit! We try our best to provide our members with excellent choice and cost options. Enjoy your new eyewear!

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