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I was in Cambodia for 10 days. Well, technically I was IN Cambodia for 8 days and 7 nights. Flying there took me over 24 hours. Believe it. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I only took off 4 business days and went through the Thanksgiving holiday. I would have loved to had a chance to go to Thailand and Vietnam. Maybe visit my mother’s friend in Malaysia.

I was there with Sophea, her family, and some of our friends. Yes, we crashed their family vacation. Well, technically, it was a wedding. I was a bridesmaid. I arrived in Cambodia on the 21st (I left on the night of the 19th) and the wedding started on the 22nd. The next two days were a blur of jetlag and not eating or drinking through 10+ costume changes. I felt bad. I felt bloated, sleepy, nauseous, and uncomfortable. However, the wedding was long, pretty, and we had plenty to laugh about later. They caked us up with makeup that would make anyone look … well … like how I looked. They will make a man, gorilla, or a cow, look like a Cambodian bridesmaid. For reals.

I managed to upload the first few days in Pursat (where the wedding was) and the wedding pictures I was able to get in up. I couldn’t get much pictures in after being uncomfortable and doubled over when I wasn’t garbed (and for the most part we wanted to get out of the get up pretty quickly) or being paraded around.

I say this all now, but I was pretty laid back during the whole affair. I think I got a little grumpy when I was doubled over sleeping by the end of the night during both nights of the wedding. Other than that, the whole thing was a rather new experience and something we all uncomfortably shuffled through together. You know, it’s like a bonding moment or something.

Otherwise, the rest of the trip was quite an adventure. Right after the wedding, we chartered a run-down van and took a road trip to Siem Reap to see the Ankor Temples. We eventually got there and saw Ankor Wat, Ankor Thom, as well as some other sites. Then, we took a roadtrip back down to Penom Penh, the capitol (and where we were flying out of). We went to the Russian Market and took a look around the city before returning. (I also got to visit a gym and swimming pool once for some relaxation).

Overall the trip was a PETA fail… I rode an elephant and tried to avoid the scary monkeys that would attack and steal from people (although I did feed some babies… you know… to encourage bad behavior in the future). We had to step on the elephant’s head to get to the seat in the back. Geez.

The Ankor Temples were amazing, although, the jungles around the area isn’t really a jungle anymore. The kids selling wares are super competitive and aggressive. I think my friend Carlos managed to make one cry. HAHA. I was really surprised how tactile we were able to be. Seriously. There were collapsed columns right there. They did close off some dangerous stairs that have been worn down over the years. Sophea told me those were open to tourists few years before.

I bought tons of things, and for 4000 Riel to a $1, everything was super affordable. The hotel rooms for $10-15 a night and meals hovered around $1-4 regularly. We tried some nice restaurants for $6 a plate, but I wasn’t impressed. While the smaller establishments were quite good!

I had a good time. I’m quite happy at the variety of things I was able to experience. I really liked going to Pursat, which was a SMALL SMALL village and much more rustic experience than the big city. I think everyone needs to visit Seam Riep and Ankor. Next time, though, I want to visit other Southeast Asian countries.

Throughout the week, I will try to post some stories of my trip and some pictures out of my album.

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