Everyone at work who has a child is scrambling. I had anticipated a warmer fall, am FREEZING my ass off. Seriously.

I feel like things at work are progressing at an irregular rate. I’m no longer sure about the priority of my daily tasks. Seriously. There has been some major changes in my department, not saying it’s heading up or down, but no one is really addressing what our priorities are. That is causing me some discomfort. However, I can roll with the punches, you know?

Whenever the weather changes, my automatic reaction is the wax poetic nostalgia about some long lost time in grad school… when the seasons were changing, or something.

Lige came into town the other day and we hung out in Brooklyn. We had a lovely brunch at Le Barricou off Lorimer, and walked over to Beacon’s Closet for some thrift store shopping. The boyfriend made out with three Lacoste cardigans and a Christian Dior tie. After going in the dressing room forever, we resorted to trying on clothes and taking pictures to see how it looks, instead of using a mirror. I don’t believe that this was a more effective way of shopping.

I bought this pair of controversial boots. It is suede, green, covers the ankles, and has fringe. Yep, fringe. I don’t know why I like it, excepts that it bothers me when I walk and it also makes me want to break out into a ritual dance. I wore it last weekend on a test run and I swear these rude little teenage girls on my street made fun of them. As I walked, one exclaimed, “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?” No exaggeration. They must have been like 15. I don’t know whether it was a FAIL moment for me, but you can be sure that that boot is going to see more of the light of day!

School is starting for Lige so there is a pure line between summer and fall. For me, there isn’t, really. Nothing marks the beginning of fall for me… except it just gets cold.

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