I’ve been staying with my mother for nearly a week. It’s just easier in some respects, since she has air-conditioning, cable, and will cook and do laundry for me (shut up, you would do it too). She’s also very pleasant to be around and I don’t see her nearly as much as you would think. She likes having me around and I like to oblige when my schedule allows it.

Ryan is in Portland, OR, and it’s easier commuting to work from my mother’s place. Also, I think I would just feel really lonely in that apartment. For someone that likes her space… you would think that I would relish being in the apartment.

I will say that I went to go check on the place today and surprisingly, it felt like home. My mother came with me (it was her first time seeing the place, believe it or not) and I entertained her *in my own apartment.* I find that funny. Of course I feel familiar and comfortable in my mother’s apartment, but it was nice to be in my own space.

My mother was concerned about the neighborhood, but I told her not to worry. I think it was starting to grow on her too. Of course, they cleaned up the elephant head, which is good. That would have been odd.

Otherwise, I went to Williamsburg and had dinner for a friend’s birthday. It was quite lovely. I’m going to make more of an effort to discover things in Brooklyn/Wiliamsburg, not because it’s cool, but because it’s *my neighborhood.* I’ve been a bubbled up manhattanite for way too long…

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