Image posted by A group of people are holding “National ‘Go-Topless’ Day!” in Central Park. There’s a group there shouting on a megaphone, of course, topless with various halloween faery and angel wings.

I took a postcard, since it seemed interesting when I flipped it over and read…

GoTopless was founded by the Raelian Movement, which recognizes that life on Earth was created by advanced extraterrestrial scientists. These scientists, both female and male, used their mastery of genetic engineering to create humans in their own image (breasts included!).

Sigh. What I’m fascinated with is how people can be very specific like that? If we were created by another life form, why would you assume that that we would be in their image. Maybe we were happy accidents. Maybe they were cats? (Ok… I’ve been watching too much Dr. Who)

I am all for women wanting to be topless to go topless and public nursing (not that I really would like to flash my breasts, but I would like to have the option to). And if you are in a non-public place, men and woman should wear tops as they require. End of story.

My understanding is that it is legal in NY State for women to be topless in places where men are allowed to be topless as long as they aren’t being “indecent” or “lewd,” or for commercial purposes?

Disclaimer: I’m not sure if this is a vehicle for the Raelians (I don’t really know who they are, but they seem friendly and nice enough. I would have brunch with them!), but I should mention that following the quote above they say:

GoTopless includes thousands of women and men, who have a wide variety of beliefs, affliations and sexual orientations.

So, if you feel inclined, you should head to the park and get topless! (Regardless of whether you are a man or woman)

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