At my work, we get tons of crazy fan mail. That above is some weird LONG letter complete with photo copied bills and a real $1 bill. What’s up with that? I don’t know.

4 Thoughts on “Some Crazy Fan Mail

  1. should you not at least blurr her name…?
    i didn’t bother reading beyond the first line, but a fan mail being long seem natural… a lot of emotion, a lot of exposure from mr. t, a lot to write about… and a dollar bill, for various reasons, seem a relevant symbol to mr. t… would need a case by case judgement…

  2. The person’s email is common enough. other information is not very visible. Otherwise, I am not transcribing anything (making it search engine friendly), so I believe I am relatively safe from having this circle back to her.

    It’s really quite interesting. Other than the general correlations, it is hard to understand what photo-copying bills would represent and why she would send that to us. Also, her letter isn’t smoothly readable. I am fascinated.

  3. Also, I will say that the top bill of the photocopy is a 2000 dollar bill with GEORGE W. BUSH JR’s face on it. Bizarre.

  4. I could write some fascinating wacko fan letters… and get a kick out of it. The brilliance is of course that these people usually do it out of a complete seriousness. Its a misplaced passion. One step off, and you fall. That’s my quote of the day.

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