Ryan and I went to Kevin’s art gallery, the Laundromat, again. Yesterday, they were doing a “Burger show,” where artists created absurdist crazy art-themed burgers and put their money where their mouth is and got jiggy on the grill. This project managed to get tons of publicity from NY Magazine and NY Post.

Going from left to right, top to bottom, is the Spanish Invasion, Rachel Harris Burger (with cubes of cheese, olives, and a plastic toy soldier), the Cheesy Koons (with a smiley face pickle), and the BURGER BOAT – complete with background and a blue vinyl sea!

Image posted by MobyPicture.comImage posted by MobyPicture.com

Image posted by MobyPicture.comImage posted by MobyPicture.com

There were other ideas, such as the Duchamp burger (where one buys a fast food burger and signs it…) and other burgers we didn’t see, like the Smithson Burger that resembles either Poo or the Spiral Getty. : P

It was a great time! Read more about the burgers themselves at feedingumi.com

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