We went apartment hunting to no avail. In the end, the apartments in Harlem and Washington Heights were not any larger than where we are now. Also, we successfully talked our landlord into lowering our current rent. In the end, given the additional costs of moving, I am relieved.

Our apartment, though, could use some work. At the moment, we’re fighting the fruit flies. I let some bananas go bad while we were at Boston. Then they stayed for some empty wine bottles we left out. During the weekend, we purged and cleaned the kitchen. Then, we filled a small wine bottle with vinegar, soap, and some sweet smelling honey. Later, we got a giant thing of apple cider vinegar and waged a full out war. After leaving out four saucers of the stuff, the population has drastically gone down. Phew!

I also need the pilot lit on the oven. And our sink fixed. For two months, our sink has been leaking water. Then a month or so ago, the faucet handle broke. After forcibly twisting it to close, the whole faucet is seriously busted.


Cleaning dishes has been annoying, as well as, the whole thing is a big waste of water. The thing is, we called the landlord, and he was reasonable and nice. The super, though, is less than… Ridiculous. He was rude to the landlord, also, which makes me think that he is family or something.

It’s going to take some work to make this place “my space.” I need a dresser, bring more clothes over, and generally to mark my territory. I should scratch and slash the side of the couch or something.

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  1. Brooklyn NY? Friends of mine were looking for someone to move into the floor above them. A nice “house” by the F-line. Safe area. 1000 and some dollars rent, with nice, music oriented neighbors. If interested… you know where to contact.

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