So, the last time I went hasn’t exactly been a year, which is quite frustrating. I started Bikram yoga again, since it’s what I am comfortable with and i felt a little stir crazy this long weekend.

I should preface this by saying that I AM COMPLETELY out of shape. I don’t want to get too deep into it here, but in terms of stamina, size, and general fitness… all FAIL. When I started bikram in Fall of ’08, I was in much better shape. I still got sore, but it was nothing like yesterday.

I went in to a hot yoga session for the first time in around … 8 months? What a difference it makes! And it isn’t completely the hot yoga. I haven’t been moving or jogging and I’ve been eating whatever the beau eats. Yeah. This consists of me riding the subway to work 40 minutes, sitting in front of a computer for 9am-7pm, and finding the energy to cook/look/buy food. Then I would vegetate. Bad! Or sometimes I would go to a concert and that would get me out at 9-10pm.

Either way, I am terribly out of shape. Yesterday, after class, I felt like DEATH. Last time I started it up, it was tough, but I loved it. I really did leave it feeling exhilarated and stretched. I completely admit that this time… I FELT ILL. I went to their noon class and came out at 2 feeling dizzy, blurry visioned, and headache-y. I thought it would go away if I drank gallons of water… but it didn’t. I ended up just needing to lay down in the dark at 4pm, when it didn’t go away.

I feel like some loon might tell me that it’s the toxins leaving my body (not necessarily the instructors – I have met pretty practical instructors that I really like). I think I just pulled something or a muscle tense in my neck. I think it was during all those “thyroid” poses that ask you to tuck in your chin and put your forehead to your legs.

I was told that this is probably because I was trying to do what I used to do… whereas when I started for the very first time, I wasn’t straining myself in that fashion. That probably might be true. I work hard at these classes, but yesterday was definitely a disappointment. For example, I used to be able to do a great bow pose by the end of my bikram run. Awesome bow pose, and now, I can hardly stay in it for the first set. That was a little ego crushing.

I can’t go like I used to. (I can neither afford it or have the time…) I used to go 5 times a week, seriously. I don’t think i would make progress in leaps and bounds. I don’t know if I can get all those “holistic” benefits they talk about in class. I don’t really even think it’s a good source of cardio.

I think I might stick with it for a while, once to twice a week, and see if it might be worth it.

When I first started, I felt sore in the back of my thighs and the front of my stomach all the way down. This time, though, I feel sore on my upper back (probably from the locust post), front of my thighs, and MY CHIN. How does the underside of my chin hurt? What is wrong with me that my chin is out of shape? (haha, i don’t think I want to know the answer to that) Seriously, I didn’t even know that was possible.

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  1. i think you could do well without paid yoga. yoga is largely a respiration technique combined with stimulating stretches and a calm mindset.

    stretching is a whole sport, that require warming up, and a level suited for each person.

    mindset techniques is half cultural and half personal. on one end, it may be about joining a flow, and letting go. on the other, about facing your odds, and battling distractions, doubts.

    perhaps you can just start by doing sit ups most days, 3 sets of 20 or 30 proper reps of different type of sit up for each day. One day leg raises, another day bicycling where you bring your elbow to your knee, another day ligh crunches.

    and set a minute or a few minutes every day where you sit, close you eyes, and breath as deep in and out as you can.

    you can also add a few core exercises, 30 or 60 seconds each. i suggest 4 types,

    1:where you hold your body up on your forearms in a push up position, with back straight, and tension to your abs.
    2,3:where you lie to the side, and raise your body up again by your forearm, and make sure to keep body core straight.
    4: where you lie on back, and raise yourself up by the foream, with head somewhat above the body line, and keeping abs tensed upwards.

    for cardio where you dont have to go out, you could add at least 3 minutes of rope jumping, or you could just stay at one spot, and fake jog with good posture, and arms moving for 15 minutes, listen to music or watch a movie.

    you could place these mini exercises prior to your eatings. think of exercises in terms of 3 sets, and a minute of break. you could do push ups or squats almost anywhere. watch out for over work. if one day you do a lot of push ups, the next day, go for squats. 3 sets of comfortable reps, 1 or 2 per day before eating.

    find a few things you could do easily everyday. and make sure to at least do that. much is about small daily efforts. bit by bit.

    if in doubt about effect, ask your body if that tires you enough, but not too much.

    you seemed to have been overwhelmed by the yoga class due to being out of shape. dizzy and all. and chin pain, it can happen in its connection with other muscles. sort of like hurting your neck but the pain is felt down to the back. and it all ends up echoing throughout your body. imagine an architectural strucutre where one part is damaged, the damage is rippled, and the stress expands to the other parts.

    the body is a fragile, and magnificent thing…

    great investment advice: buy or use your jumping rope. just 1 to 3 rounds per day will do. take 3 to 5 minutes, and done. add sit up or whatever, you got done a nice workout. if you have extra time, research if your form in doing the exercise is correct to avoid injury.

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