I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. My coworkers were pretty impressed, also. My inspiration was this post from Purl Bee, and I found the pattern here, on Disdressed.. I’m thinking about about knitting one for a friend’s baby.


At the union square market, there is a lamb table there that sells merino wool dyed in vegetable dye. The colors are varied and the yarn is very soft. For around $15 dollars a skein, it’s medium price and I like buying directly at the market near the merguez sausage. ; ) The dye job is hand done and varied in some places, which adds depth, texture, and charm. They have different weights, and for this project, I used worseted weight. They also have sports weights and undyed yarn.I decided to get a skein of autumn colored red. I ended up making the scarf a little too big and needed to go back to buy a second skein. Still, it’s floppy and quite versatile.


The only drawback is that the yarn in that color dyed my hands bright orange. It doesn’t happen with all of their dyes, though. Right now, I am using a green sports weight and that hasn’t stained anything. Anyway, given my carrot colored hands, when I finished the scarf, I washed it gently in detergent and in cold water. Although when I blocked, I pulled width wise and not length wise, the length around the neck became a bit long. I knitted it to be exact, so I might need to go and dunk it again in HOT water.

Otherwise, it’s soft, light, and stays in place (since the bow goes through a slot).

Next Project: Green leaves lariat & Art Card!

(Yes, the picture above is from my office webcam.)

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