So… one could say that I am a victim to Apple’s switch campaign. I love my little powerbook and it’s more highend than my PC desktop.

I think it’s a bit crazy when I am searching forums and looking at prices late into the night (3am…) day dreaming about getting rid of my computer cords… or the powermac… or even which machines my mother might like (emac?). dude. wtf?

I don’t know if I can explain this, other than a lot of mac buyers eventually build this cult mentality. It’s also nice to be snobby and superior, you know? And then there is that final option that maybe this is really the best thing out there.

In terms of parents and newbie computer users, I wonder if Mac is really the option. I sort of feel that they will be stumped in terms of compatibility for a lot of things out there and they won’t be tech savy enough to know what they are gaining in return for this sacrafice. A lot of mac users preach about PC and it’s spyware and viruses. However, I know by experienced that XP doesn’t have a lot of those problems.

In other news, I was tinkling with my father’s Inspiron Dell and found some pornographic-like sexy pictures saved on there. He discovered internet porn. Uhg. I guess it was just a matter of time.

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