A friend posted about your “karmic year” in numerology. Apparently something life changing is suppose to happen then. You add your month, date, and year together for a four digit number. His was 1983. Mine is 2013. It is 8 years and 3 months from now. It’s exciting to think that something like that is coming, regardless of whether it is true.

Ideally, though, you would want to make every year a life changing year… right? In some sort of form? (hopefully positive) Or perhaps it would be better to say a positive life affirming year. Eh.

I find it amusing that I am going to be 30 and 31 during that time. The perfect and cliche time for a life changing moment, looking back at my twenties. It’s perfect.

There is something to not anticipating this year and to find that it had past, like many. Apparently the group spent their time recalling their life changing years, knowing exactly what it was. If I was told 1990s… or 1995 was my life changing year, what moment would I pick out? I think this would be a project to do at a time when I have more time, seeing if I can recall the 20+ years of my life for one (or what I percieve to be) life changing anchor.

Hopefully by 2013, I will be employed, on my own, and trying to live an exciting adventurous life. Eh.

2:52pm update: Also, this method would also mean that no one can have a life changing moment after the age of 43 (the number when you add the biggest numeric month, december and 12, and the biggest numeric day, 31 – which exists for december). So… you cannot have your biggest life changing event after 43?

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