OMG, and they are just sitting there across from me… taunting me… begging me to have a third. :::shifty eyes:::

3 Thoughts on “Cupcakes x2

  1. Those cakes, with those sugar coatings, with those colors, are signs of American-hood, with a sprinkle of suspicion of being German. American cakes love sugar, heavy sponging, and weird ass color… Japanese cakes are nice but expensive… French cakes are great, but distant…

    I got to reorient myself to::: Fruit and yogurt… Or cereals… Slap, slap.

  2. Mmm, reading this blog certainly is not going to reorient your cake cravings. This blog is pro-cake… ALL CAKE. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TO ALL CAKE.

  3. Opportunity to what? For cakes to pursue happiness? lol

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