I was SO sick on Wednesday. I don’t know what it was, but there were couple of culprits.

On Tuesday I had yogurt one day after the expiration date (I HAVE done worse though…) It actually looked fine. (Where as yogurt several days past has a tendency to look clumpy – ew!)

On Wednesday, I don’t remember having breakfast. I had coffee. Then I went out to eat at a mediocre Thai place. I had crispy duck salad and flat noodle with chilli. It wasn’t very spicy, but the noodles were pretty good.

In the evening, I had HOT Szechuan food that was delicious. Honestly, there is nothing that could live in that spicy red sauce. It is INTENSE.

Either way, this followed with me waking up from an uncomfortable dream at 5am, feeling incredibly nauseous. I stayed up for a bit nursing some coconut juice. I thought I felt a little better by 7 and left for work. That was probably a bad idea, since I leaped out of the train at the Lorimer stop to vomit in a plastic bag.

Fun times.

I went to work and ended up going home. I was in pain and I couldn’t hold anything in…

I felt better by 7pm, but by 9pm I had a fever of 101.9. I was aching all over my sides and it SUCKED.

My temperature went down by 7am to 98.9 and I felt much better so I stumbled into work…

I doubt it was the Chinese food, but since it was the last thing I ate, you can imagine that after vomiting pork belly, meat is the last thing I want to eat.

Sigh… more cowbell it is.

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