I’m a good little minx. I finished my taxes in the beginning of February, as soon as I received all my W-2 documents. Good thing too, since I had to get a root canal and crown put in March/April – my refund went towards what my insurance wouldn’t pay. (I went out of network for my endodontist and had to pay up front) I wonder if I hadn’t done my taxes, would I still have had to get my teeth done? Perhaps it is all a conspiracy!!

It seems like the universe very much into putting obstacles my way at the perfect time.

Today, I realized that April 15 is approaching (rocket science, right there) and I had to finish my mother and my boyfriend’s taxes. Yeah, I’m good like that. Maybe I will do your taxes for you too? As long as I get to put your occupation as “slave eternally bound to the wonderous winglike,” it’s all good.

I finished my mother’s this morning. When I popped out of her womb, this is what she had in mind.
“Mwahaha, now I have some poor little grown fetus to take care of me and DO ALL OF MY TAXES AND OTHER GOVERNMENT RELATED DOCUMENTS… excellent.” This is why you should get your hands on baby(tm) too! Tomorrow, I will probably conquer the boyfriends… cause I need to get laid.

He should buy me brunch, some Huevos Rancheros from Life Cafe. (That stuff is the best – Hard shelled tortillas with fried eggs, salsa, and tons of cheese on top surrounded by black beans, rice, and guac. Every time I eat that, I need to take a nap afterwards for the rest of the day.) Sometimes I’m tempted to just shoot the stuff up my blood stream… or something.

Doesn’t everybody?

Otherwise, I felt like absolute shit yesterday morning. I got progressively better, but still achy. This morning, I still feel achy on my shoulder, but much better.

Sometimes I have an existential crisis trying to reconcile what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years and what I am doing now. The priorities that I thought were important, related to academia, really doesn’t matter anymore. My work currently has no reward in regard to what I went to school for. Intellectually, I can find solace in learning more about this business called, “Market-ing,” and more importantly trying to reenact some sort of monkey dance every week. However, where it counts in the mushy part of my blackened sickened heart… I need some work love or wurve. This wurve should be in the form of me being compensated to parse through obscure German texts to lip synch into some video run by the head honcho of this whole enterprise. ‘This celebrity’ spouting something on Hegelian spirit and why it is strong in Dennis R0dman, or something. This is all probably normal angst, but I find it disturbing and have decided to stay apathetic about it all…

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One Thought on “Taxes, 2 down, 1 to go..

  1. Philosophy basically boils down to you making a difference in the world, creating your own world, so you can gather your resources, and do just that, make your own world, and either take that to others, aim to alter the whole world in some degree, or just immerse yourself into your own, smaller version.

    All those German philosophers will perhaps add the sense of a transcendental or evolutionary trend that forms a layer above our regular, accustomed lives. True development requires a certain dualism, a relation of god-like or wing-like with the grounded customs. The reading of history, of god, to see destiny, to create destiny, to open our minds and action/existence to a multitude of possibilities, such is the way of the sage thinker who can act, and enact…

    And if you need to get laid, do know you have an eternal second choice! Slave honey gatherer at your service.

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