Today, I heard from someone I know who just became a falconer. She trapped her first Red Tailed Hawk few weeks ago. I’m suppose to go hunting with them in a month or so. I’m incredibly fascinated by this. I’m very excited. It is such a unique, rare, and marvelous thing. More so, I am drawn to her sense of adventure. It seems like some people are actually doing things.
I also heard about a friend from highschool this morning. I heard that he just picked up and left for Hong Kong a couple of days ago to pursue his dream of acting. He is going to give it a try. He arrived without even setting up a place to stay. It sounds like one of those stories. Only, it’s real.

I feel incredibly humbled, jealous, and restless when I hear about things like that.

I wonder if these things only work only if you have this outlook of things will always work out… a sort of faith and determinism. I definitely don’t have that.

If I think back to the most adventurous thing I did… It was that I got on a plane to be with someone I was incredibly smitten with. That sort of blew up in my face. I was devastated, because I built it up in my head. It didn’t have the magic or sweetness that I imagined it would. And here I am, a bit more cynical, self doubting, and mundane.

And to think… I have a chance now. I have an opportunity to do something… I’m graduating in January.

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