I could talk about food, work, and crazy people on the subways, but instead I am going to talk about a video game… an RPG for the XBOX360. After long hours of various hijinks and cultivating multiple families, I finally got around to picking it up again yesterday (I stopped once I got a job). I didn’t realize how near the ending I was.

< spoilers > (highlight the following)
WHAT WAS UP WITH THE ENDING? It was all sort of a mind fuck. After all that questing, I don’t even get to kick Lucien’s ass. Where was the final boss battle? I didn’t know WHAT was going on. The final battle was with the spire; I get that, but I feel a little ripped off.
< / spoilers >

What’s interesting is that we are all used to the typical RPG template, via Final Fantasy, Lufia, Dragon Quest, etc… We are ALL used to the same rules that stem back to original non family-computer Nintendo and Sega systems. You build your character and they get stronger. You get awesome weapons. There is some semblance of a story. And then a huge boss fight. Oftentimes, now, there are multiple colorful boss fights (like Final Fantasy VI/3 and Chrono Trigger).

We had some games that bent and expanded on those rules, a la Chrono Trigger and the wonky Chrono Cross. Chrono Trigger featured the “bad guy” that we were chasing in the beginning of the game and eventually turned him into a sympathetic character. We had choices of who to have in our party and the ability to experience different ends. AND THIS WAS STILL FOR SUPER NES. Chrono Cross had HUNDREDS of freakin characters, which I believe weakened the personal investment of the player for the game. Still, these games still followed the “questing path” with “smaller side quests” along with “different endings and characters” and STILL wrapped up with a huge ass boss fight. The ending was the ending… and questions posed at the beginning of the game were answered.

You know, most of it follows a literary model.

I do have to save that I like the Chrono-like protagonist in Fable 2. I like the throw back to older RPGs they seem to do. I like the world and that is highly interactive. You can change the economy in certain towns if you do enough business there. I also like that the main characters don’t say much and there is no f-ing emo shit like the later Final Fantasy series. (I just couldn’t stomach anything after 7. I liked 8 for a bit, but 9 just bored me… although the pictures were pretty. I didn’t touch 10.)

I’m kind of torn about what I think about this ending. On one hand, I think breaking the traditional rules is good. It’s making me evaluate the game on a different scale. I also think this adds to the reality of the world. I mean… if we were in a magical fantasy realm on the track of a massive bad guy… maybe there is no climactic last battle?

< spoilers > (highlight the following)
However, if I am going to dedicate hours of my life to a game, I want some satisfaction in terms of information. I’m not talking about happy or sad endings. I am talking about answering some questions.

The main motivation of my character to continue on this quest is that Lucien killed her sister. However, as the player, my motivation is because the beginning posed questions. I am going through all these hoops to expand on the story, for entertainment, and also because I feel an attachment to my character. HOWEVER, the main point is that I WANT ANSWERS.

This ending didn’t answer the main questions and merely pose more. It basically answered no questions, confuses you further, and JUST ENDS. ABRUPTLY.

What is up with that? I choose the choice of “Sacrafice” in the end, so my family, sister, and dog didn’t come back.
< / spoilers >

Oh well. So, I guess this isn’t “the end.” I have a Halo now. Ry’s character has horns (he is corrupted). Now, I kinda want to buy out a lot of property and make some money. Then again, I don’t really have any other motivation to continue in this world. A lot of the hardcore fans are adamant that Microsoft is going to release a DLC to right this and supplement the game. So far, the Knothole Island seems like a lame side quest with the only awesome thing being new costumes. However… my point is that I shouldn’t have to get additional software to get an actual ending to the game. I think the original $60 entitles me to something.

Anyway. So I did what any good Fable 2 citizen would do… I went and got a lesbian wife.

: P

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