I found out today that North Dakota’s House of Representatives passed a bill outlawing abortions.

The House voted 51-41 this afternoon to declare that a fertilized egg has all the rights of any person.

That means a fetus could not be legally aborted without the procedure being considered murder.

They had to stipulate, according to Roe vs. Wade, that life starts from the point of cell division in the uterus when a sperm enters the egg.

Anyone else horrified?

3 Thoughts on “North Dakota bans abortions

  1. Hm.

    The abortion topic is characteristic of the American ideological and identity issue. The dual split in the country is often symbolized by this alongside gun control. The healthcare, immigration issue follows.

    Again, I think both ways are valid if they can systematize the thinking. Just imposing abortion upon a confused society doesn’t resolve much. According to one study, it may just increase dysfunctional families and potential criminals.

    America should perhaps decide on whether they want to create a highly christian society, or an ambiguous society relying on its judeo-christian moral subconscious without a mechanism to grow the religious tradition.

    The civil war prevented a split that now resides in the hearts of Americans. And an attempt to resolve it is given up to leave space for a bi-party compromise trying to cover up the issue via economic success and civilizational war, and a bit of artistic hero praise.

    American unity and ethics still exist thanks to the fallen heroes of problematic wars waged with the pretension for noble causes that many actually naively believed in, with the background of a puritan-christian respect for hard work and fairness…

    Banning abortion can be great in a very integrated religious society, while it may do nothing in a melting pot of mixed feelings and self-centered pursuit of individual or family happiness…

  2. I’m just horrified at the idea of a collection of cells being considered human life. Potential for human life is nothing… Every time a guy jacks off into a sticky nudie magazine, a potential for future life is being diminished.

  3. It’s a little more than a jerked off sperm. It actually united with the egg. If you ask me, a baby is just a noise making pack of meat with the potential of becoming a person.

    I think people diverge in the treatment of life and the purpose of life. Reconsidering it will alter the consequence of calling something “a living human”.

    I think life isn’t just about living a private life with some thought and an income. A person really becomes a person in some agony and the discovery of his or her creative path within a mythical history.

    There are different levels of worthiness and status in this world… And everything depends on how we view that…

    I think being for abortion should also mean one is for the capital punishment. Both admit to a higher body of judgment and its ability to readjust the composition of this world. Whether a fetus is considered a human or not is irrelevant. Both a mother/parent, or a state, can decide to kill off a person, according to a certain wisdom and social ethic.

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