I was watching the local news when they mentioned something about finding a body in Bushwick, Brooklyn. This is reminiscent of an incident that happened early last September. I didn’t blog about it at the time, because I didn’t feel right about that. I was pretty creeped out. The only thing I mentioned here, was

Sophear says, “if it happened to me, I would announce it to everybody!” This is in regards to a dead body found in the back building area of the boyfriend’s apartment, one stormy Saturday morning.

Yeah, that’s S. I feel like I can recount the incident now that some time has passed.

I remember they woke us up on Saturday morning, since the previous night was a rainy Friday. I went to my usual Philosophy reading group in Williamsburg, run by old graduate school cohorts still in NYC. I was getting back from getting some drinks with them and it was raining REALLY bad. My boyfriend was coming in from a similar night of going to a friend’s concert and getting a few drinks. I think we were in bed by midnight. Our roomate Loie was out dancing that night in Williamsburg, apparently, and got in super late. While she was getting ready for bed, she heard all this ruckus outside, but didn’t think much about it.

We were woken up at around 4am-5am to knocking and door ringing. I remember waking up a few times and refusing to get out of bed. You know… I’m not one for opening doors late at night in Brooklyn when I am not expecting anyone. I suppose this is a problem, since in hindsight I probably should have checked the peephole and called 911 if it was anyone sketchy. Right? Or maybe it would have been someone that needed help. Either way, the whole floor seems to have this policy. A few months earlier, when his other room mate moved out and we lost her wine opener, I knocked on all the doors on our floor and the floor above us, and NO ONE opened the door for me to borrow a measly wine opener.

Eventually the door ringing didn’t let up and they shouted “POLICE!!!” Ry looked outside the window and sure enough there were lots of cop cars, flashing lights, and cops crawling around this building!

So we opened the door. The cop proceeds to ask us if everyone that is suppose to be in this apartment is here. We said we weren’t sure about our room mate and, of course, they asked us to check. Well, she sleeps like a freakin’ log. We knocked on her door and she didn’t stir at all. In fact, the her door is closest, right across from the front door, and she didn’t wake up through all the noise. In this circumstance, we knocked and knocked and proceeded to just open her door and walk in. We called out to her and she woke up. Ok, everyone was there.

We asked the cop what the ruckus was about and he said that there was a body of a woman found and they were trying to identify her. It ends up that she was right outside of Loie’s window… and there she was uncovered. Yeah, the body. The body wasn’t removed until late the next morning. The word from the landlord was that she was fooling around on the roof of the neighbor’s building and fell and flew over to the back of this building… or something. We didn’t watch the news, but it seemed like there was no coverage of this incident. I guess, they deemed there wasn’t any foul play…?

Anyway… that was one of the weirdest creepiest moments in my recent life. I remember emailing a fellow graduate school cohort that happens to live ACROSS THE STREET from us, asking if the cops went to his building. He replied, “no…” and didn’t know what was going right across the street from him. I guess we wouldn’t have known either if they weren’t knocking down our door.

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  1. Welcome to reality. It’s indeed Hitchcockian. Freedom and imagination, the two sides to the story.

    Here’s a possibly interesting site to use that may enable one to notice pretty quickly the crimes happening around…

  2. Nice. The Bushwick radius near the L train in Jefferson and Morgan seem relatively unreported. Although, I wonder why they don’t have maps for Queens or the Bronx.

  3. Hello, I just randomly came across this post. You don’t live on Jefferson St do you? If so, I live in the neighboring building. As far as I understand it, the girl was strangled on my roof and thrown off of yours in an attempt to better conceal her under that big tree in your backyard. I believe that she was a drug addict and possibly a prostitute. This is all word from the street, mind you. Did you notice the strange things written on the roof with spray paint soon after the event? I found it rather creepy. That is, if this is the same incident. If not, a hell of a coincidence.

  4. Yep. I think it’s the same incident. I didn’t hear about that AT ALL. Although a month or so, I found a flyer taped right outside of our apartment about the woman found back there. They stated her name and whether anyone had any information about her.

    What’s also a little creepy is that later that night I went out and the poster was all ready ripped off. Since then, I found the poster another time, and it seemed like someone taking them down.

  5. What did the spray paint say? Haha, I haven’t gone out to the roof since the July 4 before that incident…

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