This article seems alarmist about teenagers spending 30+ hours online. However, the truth of the matter is is that functioning adults spend 40+ hours online, I bet.

I know just from my own job, I’m always connected to the net. Everyone is plugged into their email, of course, and a lot of people in my department use Instant Messengers to ping each other. It’s a fact of the work environment.

Otherwise, given my job, I am always refreshing my browser, checking sites I work on, and generally cannot fathom not spending time connected to the internet. Things I do that doesn’t require me to be plugged in, might be when I can test a site locally, which usually only happens with emails constructed in HTML or I am tweaking a graphic in photoshop. Oh yeah, also when I am in blasted meetings… I’m nursing on a cup of coffee and taking notes. In conclusion, I highly suspect I am wired to the net 40+ hours on a regular week.

Although I work as a web editor, I suspect other white collar workers to spend just as much time online.

In my last job at an LCD company, I did a fair amount of leaving the office for sales pitches, checking the stock room, trouble shooting RMA screens, and moving inventory around…

Ok ok… I guess the point is that realizing I spend 40+ hours online should mean that on my day off I should spend it outside. I get it. And I usually do, which explains why I neglect my email on the weekend and website most of the time.


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