but I feel pretty good. A friend of a friend works at Equinox and scored me a week and a half pass. I am hoping that when that is done, he can score me some sort of deal.

I was going to blog about this during the week, but I couldn’t find a free minute, believe it or not.

Now, I’ve been at Bally’s and Gold’s Gym, however Equinox is beautiful, especially the one at Wall st. The building was converted from an old bank with beautiful architecture and large windows. Mmm. AND it’s not crowded.

I’ve started going there at 8am-8:50am before work. Today I went all the way down there to enjoy a longer session and the steam room. Mmm. I could get hooked. Unfortunately, I doubt I can afford this at full price with a good conscience. However, going to the gym is making me feel a lot more productive. I don’t feel sleepy at work in the morning… I’m all warmed up. When I came home today, I made myself a salad and cut up an avocado, then I did my taxes.

I am such an anal dork. I was working up my return with TaxACT and TurboTax… trying to find out which method was more cost effective. In the end, I went with TurboTax, although they charge more for State returns, because TaxACT wasn’t 7.95 as advertised. And TurboTax got me more money… so the extra cost was balanced to around the same in the end.

Phew. At least I don’t owe any money this year. Now… I have to do my mother’s taxes…

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