Happy Hanukkah everyone! (Yes yes… Happy Holidays. No, I’m not Jewish.) Friday, I had Sabbath dinner with Cindy and her family and spent rest of the weekend at home.

On Christmas, I went to Genevieve’s place for a tasty stuffed pork chop and to enjoy her tree. Gen and Hoyeon both had presents for me and I had none. Come to think of it, Soph got me a present and I got nothing for her as well. I kinda suck. I did NO holiday shopping.

o.O I think I missed something. I was generally a holiday grouch, but promises of food gets me out of the Apt. I don’t celebrate Christmas or any other holiday, really. I just like to sleep and eat during the holidays.

However, being in Genevieve’s place inspired me to decorate, and I had this big urge to wrap things. Yeah… the one rush of productivity makes me want to play with holiday tinsel. WTH?

Otherwise, on Wednesday I am leaving for Portland, Oregon, for a long weekend. I think this time I need to pick up a present, though. Here is where I need help. I am clueless as to what to get an older couple, someone’s parents. I am leaning towards a cool coffee table book / books.

update: Uhg. No books… sweets it is!

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