Last week, I tried to upload wordpress 2.6.5 to 2.7. In the beginning it went fine. I made a new post and went to bed. I made a post about Kiva.Org. My friend also mentioned she saw my post when I went over to her place for Christmas dinner. Hence, I am not going crazy.

Later that night, I went on my blog and it disappeared. I didn’t notice that at first, but what I did notice was that the dashboard reverted back to 2.6.5. My database was updated. There were remnants of the 2.7 files. My wp-config file was the updated version, so I didn’t know what was wrong.

I deleted the admin and include folders and recopied 2.7 around 2… 3 times. The first time nothing changed. Then I deleted the database and installed the new 2.7 seperate, etc.

One issue that might have triggered this is that I was finally moving over my site to dreamhost, and the nameserver change could have f-ed things up. Another is that I just got hacked.

Earlier today, my site turned into the default site for wordpress with no entries. The title said, “Ahhhh.” I don’t remember doing that, but maybe I just messed with it too much. I tried to log into the admin and it didn’t take any of my passwords. I think I’ve been hacked.

In the end, today, I deleted every file. Then I deleted my database. Then I uploaded all the 2.7 files. I manually moved over my theme folders and upload folder. Then, finally I imported my database.


But now the question is whether this will be here in the morning when I wake up.

2 Thoughts on “Frustrating WordPress Install

  1. Yes, it’s still here. And, my question to you, did you even go to bed? LOL, you’re going to be a walking zombie by the time you head off to Oregon.

  2. Yeah, I did. It was the second time last week that I slept before 3am.

    Thank you Auntie Genny.

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