So, going to work now… I realize that I need to slim down to fit back into my work pants. The last time I fit into them was when I squeezed myself into them during the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.

It is becoming clearer that after January (after 2 paychecks), I need to find a downtown gym that is easily commutable from work and from the boyfriend’s apartment.

Today, we went to the bittersweets today to get a chain for the heart charm I have. The girl in the store measured and custom made me a chain in minutes while someone else listened to a scientology ad by Tom Cruisie (in an ironic matter) nearby. The people in the store were so sweet, that I definitely want to patron the place again.

Really, we had a great day wandering around Bedford Avenue. We went to Papa Lima‘s for lunch and had their cream cheese and cheddar cheese sandwich coupled with their 3 bean salad. DELICIOUS!

We went shopping at the Artist Flea Market in Williamsburg and went shoe shopping. Then we ventured into Manhattan to go to A.P.C. and uniqlo to look at various things on sale. <3

We topped off the evening with going to Fette Sau and Iona’s bar near Bedford and Grand.

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