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When we moved to Oregon, we got rid of all of our furniture. I mean, the only thing we brought was our mattress and we’re still sleeping without a bed or boxspring, no joke.

We have some furniture now. When we first closed, we went to a moving sale and bought the bare minimum. We got a futon/couch (a fake leather thing that reclines), dining table with 4 chairs and a bench that sits 2, a bar, and then purchased the following at Ikea: a media console, few book shelves, and a coffee table. We also bought 2 wooden end tables with wheels. We got some teal metal stools at Fred Meyers. With 1500+ sqft of space, we are living pretty minimalistically. Our living room is currently empty, save for the Kallax bookshelf. Our family room has the necessities, like TV, couch and the coffee table.

We find ourselves spending a lot of time in the Family room. In fact, it’s hard to prioritize furnishing the living room, since it’s not a priority for us. Weird, right? We’re sort of caught in the middle of prioritizing things to help us get into shape (organizing things, like closet organizers and a bed) or things that will live outside of our personal space and be more for the benefit of guests.

I find certain things that I want… but holding off, since I should really buy a bed before a getting a gold Unicorn head/bust to put above the fireplace. You know? On the other hand, we’re so hung up on that and money is still a little tight that, we’re just at a stand still right now.

I don’t necessarily believe that we need to get everything little thing now. I don’t think our house should be fully furnished, even a year in. I want to take our time getting things we really love. We both also don’t want to start to clutter up the house.

And then there are the things we want to invest in for other reasons… like getting a fence put in so that we can seriously look into getting a dog.

And I’m aware that a house is an endless pit of things to do and home improvements to make.