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Sophear: if you ever need proof to show that you got a BA from an accredited college and not from an online thingie
whatever, it will look good on your wall
and I want to see it!

me: it is not proof
people forge things like that all day
whenever i need proof just call the college and get them to send a sealed transcript
end of story. no one asks for a diploma ever

Sophear: OK, how about this – you PAID for that piece of paper!
a lot of money
thousands and hundreds of $$

me: no i paid money for classes and grades

Sophear: to get that piece of paper!

me: no

Sophear: the most expensive tree ever

me: whatever. i have a MA i don’t need a BA diploma on my wall

Sophear: sigh it would still be the nicest, roughest toilet paper ever.

me: …
of course you need the gold stamp on it
to get the right exfoliation

Sophear: If you were in LOST and on an island, you would’ve said to yourself, “I wish I had my diploma now”.

me: you are a special special girl

Sophear: : D

I have redone the site (I wasn’t very pleased with the last incarnation, anyway) and postponed switching servers over. I did manage to switch the domain over.

In an effort to feel more productive, I’ve been knitting and crocheting small easy to finish projects, such as that scarf down there. I knitted a small scarf in stockinette knit and am finishing the ends with a crochet and a button hole. I also crocheted knitted buttons for it.

I tried to play some piano to the horror of my neighbors and I’ve been cooking. A lot. This is all just to say that the career change front is a little tough. I haven’t really advertised my skills, but now I find myself freelancing in design. It’s a lot tough.

Yesterday I went to get a guest pass at the local Gold’s Gym, and I am not that pleased. The work rooms are a little dark and depressing. I don’t want it to be frou frou pretty, but it looks depressing. AND I don’t know how to work some of the more scary looking machines. The machines I have worked with managed to be pretty self explanatory / I had someone to show me. These machines here, I have no idea how to use. I end up wandering around the place looking confused, lost, and little. I hate how you have to agree to a personal training session to get anyone there to show you anything. However, I am curious about the classes and I want to start using machines. : T I need something more aggressive than just running and cardio to keep the bulge off.

I am feeling a little frustrated these days. I am keeping really busy, but I don’t think the things I produce during the day are that meaningful to anyone but me. That doesn’t feel good.

Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off – Watch more free videos

Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off – Watch more free videos

I’m not eating well, really, so I started to keep track on of it on the daily plate. You can log in what you ate. You can create meals that you eat a lot or choose from a database of foods all ready entered by users. They have brand specific items so you get the full load of what you put into your body. They break it down to calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, sugars, fiber, and protein. Anyway, hear all about it here feed umi blog.

India Times news reports that new studies show that certain lifestyle choices and behaviors cause brain shrinkage. These choices include excluding meat and dairy from one’s diet.

I have had cheese on the brain for the last two weeks. Mmm. I am thinking about the tub of fresh mozzarella in olive oil and spices from Trader Joe’s Ryan bought.

Tori… Sweetie… What are you doing? I love you to death and adore your whole comic book tattoo idea and hope to pick up a copy soon, but what did you wear to the San Diego Comicon? Are you all right? Did the red hair dye of yonder years get to you? Is your brain being suffocated by your wig?

I usually love your kookiness.

You were doing so good, too. So pretty. I remember the promos for American Doll Posse, where you were wearing these chanel stunner boots. Sigh.

Incidentally, this motif matches my current website!

Um.. and it matches my shoes.


What a coinkidink!!!! But anyway, I love you regardless.

I have been terrible with my sleeping. I’ve been getting up everyday around 5pm – 7pm. I don’t think it is the jetlag as much as my unwillingness to change it. I just stopped giving a damn. This limits my choices of things to do. I have been spending it at home doing not much else.

Today I woke up around 5:30pm. I forced myself awake, since I could have very well just laid back down to sleep until 7pm. I was groggy and looking at websites when I came across an old blogger that I used to read. She was RAVING about a detox drink that she has first thing in the morning and before she sleeps that she found on recipe zaar. There are tons of raves on the site about this as well. So, I think: What the hell! It’s basically hot water, honey, and lemon. Needless to say that I tried it. I went jogging afterwards and came home to take a shower. Before I hit the shower, there was another mask that she was raving about. So, needless to say I tried it. I was on this honey kick. It was a mask of 1 Tbsp of honey, 1/4 Tbsp of olive oil, 1/2 Tbsp of sugar. Leave it on for 5 minutes and scrub it off in the shower.

While in the shower, I decide to use some of the Body Shop passion fruit sugar scrub. Let me just say here that the version I have does not look that purple inside. I bought this over a year ago, tried it once, and hated the smell. The smell was so strong and the moisturizer was so thick, it scented all my towels and my sheets. I couldn’t stand it. I thought I would scrub down and wash it off with Aveeno, thus off setting the scent and some of its properties.

I got out of the shower and put some green tea oil on my face (which I do quite often). After 10 minutes, my neck started getting itchy. My forehead was splotchy. I was sure it was the honey mask. However, a patch on my thigh was itchy too. WTF? And this area on my neck under/behind my ears – which wasn’t touched with anything.

UHG. WTF? I didn’t consume anything out of the ordinary. Just that drink and brown rice, onions, chicken, and eggs.