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So when Fox News was invited to the White House Correspondence Dinner with the President of the United States… They thought, “Uh… Yeah, why don’t we just invite the pretty one from that show the kids all love! That’ll show ’em. We don’t take any of them seriously, because he’s a celebrity!”

Some how the idea of the Gossip Girl boys going to this thing in addition to being invited by Fox News really amuses the hell out of me.

Was the Twilight busy for the evening?

In addition to all that, the celebrities list on the thing on a whole seems a bit random. Eva Longoria? Why isn’t George Clooney attending? Or their holy highnesses Maddox and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt? They are above simple American affairs, I’m sure.

Our room mate L found herself at home one evening when the doorbell rang. She wasn’t expecting her boyfriend, so she apprehensively approached the intercom to see who it was.

“Who is it?”
“I’m giving out tampons.”
“Uh… It’s ok.”
“But it’s free.”
“It’s okay, I’m not coming down.”
“No, I’m coming to you.”


For lunch today, I felt like salmon nigiri sushi. I went to the non-Japanese lunch box places and decided against raw fish. Then, I decided that it was a good idea to have some brown rice rolls. The box came with 4 pieces of 3 different kinds of rolls. One was eel avocado with teriyaki sauce, second was imitation crab with avocado, and the third was shrimp and avocade in spicy sauce.

It was surprisingly palpable, but it didn’t leave any sort of satiation. Yes, I feel a little bloated and I am definitely full. However, it isn’t an enjoyable feeling.


A while ago, my VP caught me eating a second lunch.

“Didn’t you just eat around noon?”

Me – It’s a second lunch, LEAVE ME ALONE!

“Ack. No judgment…”


Today I just had a delightful lunch of a LARGE vegetarian chilli and small thing of asparagus, cranberry chutney, and Gorgonzola wrapped in smoked turkey. Then my CEO walks in to ask my cubicle section what they want from the menu, he’s buying.

Sigh. And I did the unthinkable… and turned him down. : ( Why didn’t he tell us before I went out to buy lunch?

I am trying to be a better eater.

Imagine, “Shit it’s all ready 5 o’clock!” being sung over and over again… whilst my Boss creeping up behind me, like “Are you talking to yourself?”

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But hang in there for the second part. It’s hilarious.

I found out today that North Dakota’s House of Representatives passed a bill outlawing abortions.

The House voted 51-41 this afternoon to declare that a fertilized egg has all the rights of any person.

That means a fetus could not be legally aborted without the procedure being considered murder.

They had to stipulate, according to Roe vs. Wade, that life starts from the point of cell division in the uterus when a sperm enters the egg.

Anyone else horrified?