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For the past two days I felt it coming on. My throat is swollen. It always happens. I just haven’t been getting much rest. (I was up at 7am because I felt so achy and disgusting. I should take NyQuil, but I hate how feel when taking NyQuil.)

I took some vitamins and I feel nauseous. (vitamins do that to me)

Sucks for me. It’s crunch time too. I need to take it low-key for a while.

I was going through my folders and I found this, Haruki Murakami’s short story “Tony Takitani”, saved on my hard drive. It was published in the New Yorker in April 2002. A movie was made in Japan, which I saw recently. I’ve heard rumors that it is suppose to be available on DVD in the US with subtitles. : )

Just thought I would post this (and procrastinate) for those that missed it…

Sam, the world’s ugliest dog, was euthanized at 14 when his owner learned that his heart was failing.

I don’t watch too much TV (commercials bother me & I’m never really around enough for it). I download my favorites, though, which are usually recommended by friends.

I really used to like Grey’s Anatomy. It was funny, smart, and slightly indulgent without too much saccharine bullshit. Now a days, the character development is really minimal. It’s as if they got off the ground and got lazy. Now, Meredith just mopes around in each episode and the bulk of the substance always falls towards the patient in some gooey heart warming/pulling ending. I really don’t like it when the episode is carried by the patient or client (shows like Boston Legal). It is always some one time storyline that I really don’t care about. When that’s all you’re left with… uhg. That really annoys me. An engaging storyline with the main characters (done well) is always so much more complex. (or that’s what one hopes for) They’ve really been skimping out on a lot of that.

And… I don’t follow Izzy character very well. You know what she’s thinking but would anyone really act like that?

It still manages some golden witty moments, especially with Bailey… It got really slow after ***** and ***** fell apart. Bah.

I still have some hope that the writers have some plan/direction that might be worthwhile. Eh. And it is still amusing enough. I just haven’t been too happy with the past couple (3) of episodes.

The new (11-21-2005) issue of The New Yorker features Haruki Murakami’s latest short story, The Year of the Spaghetti. (I created a permanant link)

So, today was my good friend’s birthday. We (J and I) ran around from around 9-10am looking for things such as balloons, chicken, etc. We baked some chocolate cake (from the Cake Bible!), made some asian spicy noodles, fried chicken, and salad. There was also some fried rice someone brought.

The chocolate cake was good (if I do say so myself). It was butter chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate frosting. Over the dark icing, we drizzled some white chocolate in swirly pretty patterns and we were done! It sounds like chocolate overload, but it wasn’t really sweet at all (in fact, the cake itself was cocoa instead of sweet chocolate) since we used bittersweet and dark chocolate for the most part. I can’t stand things that are cloying. Mmmm. The best part is, if you freeze/keep it in the fridge after cooling, the whole thing becomes dense and fudgy. (this time we opted not to do that)

The kitchen was in chaos and it was mostly a tag-team effort with J overseeing/delegating. We had the boys be our little helpers.

It was an overall fun time with a small crowd… very light-hearted. D was surprised for the most part. ; )

Although we spoke about “not looking forward to Thanksgiving” after this, I think I actually am. We’re already talking over the details of the cooking.

Yesterday, I didn’t do much of anything. I went to central park early in the morning. For the rest of the time, I laid low with my huge issue of glamour magazine. They finally came to fix my buzzer (its been broken for the past two months).

I played the piano horribly for a while. I grew tired and sleepy and zonked out for 9 hours. The end. Pathetic, non?

I realized that much of my ability just went out the window. I think I’m hopeless with playing without a teacher. I’m just terrible and slow at note reading… sigh.

I will never be able to play a Tori Amos song… just because she is crazy with the time signatures and notations. Ah well. I’m off to the Tori Amos concert today. Yay. I’m going to admit something that might not make me too popular with the other tori-philes… I’m not too big of a fan of her solo shows. Sigh. I miss the band. Still, it will be nice to get out to the beach. The venue has ok sound, but the scenery is AMAZING. Having the sun setting in the ocean in the backdrop was a highlight of the 2003 show. I’m glad to be returning. Kier went to the CT Wallingford show yesterday, and I’m jealous that she played “Caught a Light Sneeze” there.

I woke up at around 1am. I felt like I did nothing all day and wanted to go out for a walk. Sigh. Too bad Dan moved away… or I would drag him out. At least it will be morning soon. My sleep might be fucked.

Ok.. the problem is… the problem always was that I feel like I am doing poopy-doo, NOTHING. Shit. Maybe this will fade when I am finally nestled in the hell hole that’s grad school and have a regular life. I can only hope so. At the moment, I hate it. I hate being back and being idle. I’ve been stuck here since March. I hate it. < / your regular daily dose of hate > It’s unbearable. I’m losing my mind and its only the second day. I need a life. Sorry. Just had to get that out.

In other more fluffy-bunny-esque news, George made my night when he left a voicemail saying “I just called to say that you’re hot. Ok. I’m off to bed. Good night.” : ) Thank you.

night I got in to the States on the night of the 14th. My plane landed a bit late, 15 minutes after 7. However, due to the thunderstorm, we weren’t allowed to disembark until 9pm. (apparently there wasn’t space for our aircraft to park and let off passengers) Being stuck on an aircraft for an additional 2 hours after a 12 hour flight wasn’t my idea of a good time. I called J… which prompted an announcement “passengers that are using their cellphones, we ask that you refrain from using any devices that send out signals…” oops. Other than that, customs and baggage claim went smoothly. We finally got out of their a little before 10.

We got home around 11pm… we had to run back and forth from the cab, getting soaked in the storm. That was kinda fun. Otherwise… it’s a bit lonely to be back. It’s so quiet after being surrounded by people for 24/7. I can’t believe I’m saying this but… I miss Japan. I miss Kagoshima. Strange, eh? Usually, I can’t wait to come back. I suppose the circumstance is different, though. The apartment was empty… without my cat or my father.

Yesterday, I should have called the University regarding the hold on my account, loans, and health center regarding my insurance. Uhg. Instead, I spent sometime jogging the loop in central park and hanging out with J.

I’m a bit apprehensive…

Tomorrow, I’m off to Jones Beach for the Tori Amos concert. Friday, I’m off to Long Island for orientation… and then… some free time.

I’ve realized how much of my time here is spent alone. Of course, that is bound to change in the coming months of school starting all over again. (and the job. meep.) Sigh.