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I was eating lunch at work few minutes ago and coughed because I choked a chicken nugget piece. I coughed for quite a bit while my coworkers watched a trance light show on someone’s computer, occasionally looking at me like “I hope she isn’t dying…”

So, I was like, as long as I don’t do this ::hand to throat, aka. universal sign for choking:: and I got blank looks.

“Um… the universal sign for choking? I would be dead by now, wouldn’t I?”
“Um, Umi, we would be still watching the light show…”

Gee, thanks guys.

So curiousity got the best of me and I went and searched out Paris Hilton’s video for … something about blind stars? The song is boring, but what’s up with the cheesy video? You would think she would have more money going into this? What’s with with the same view of the waves over and over again. The highlight of it was when she tugged the little sash she dances with. Eh.

Who’s gonna buy this? i can’t even imagine this single selling well with her disco dancing cohorts or their little tween followers.

As someone who was expecting some high-action mock-ability factor… it was a big disappointment yo. I think Paris Hilton is better off doing some Jessica Simpson carwashing-PussycatGirls Manstealing-Lindsay Lohan’s “WHY IS EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT ME” song. That’s just me.

… and the Italy vs. Germany game. We had a lowkey brunch and went to see the game. (Germany lost, but it was an awsome awsome game. The overtime was awsome. I think we were all convinced that it would come down to penalty kicks… )


Keep an eye out on the background stuff. We swiped (hey, we put it back, after playing with it) the background ornaments.




Mets game in the background, but we were all waiting for the worldcup to start.



And there is this Reverend on TV called Dr. Dollar. He is talking about “taking in the sperm of the lord” and “don’t let the devil take away, ABORT, God’s spermazoa!! Don’t let him abort what you’ve recieved!” WTF? More and more this guy sounds like the ptreacher from my professor’s crazy movie “A Forked World.”

Uh… I don’t know if I want to listen to any evangelical preacher named Dr. Dollar.

I’m up at 2am. What do you expect?

All the pics are taken with the Nikon N80 SLR Manual, B & W 400 iso film…

black and white photography

black and white photography

black and white photography

black and white photography

black and white photography

black and white photography

black and white photography

black and white photography

black and white photography

black and white photography

So… I’m here at work (I work in a public high school – Bronx Science in MIS) putting in a switch box when I found a Degus in the hallway. First, I thought it was a rat. However, he had a cute little snout and looked similar to a chinchilla.

The animal room is on the third floor (the bio wing) too. So, the little guy escaped. I didn’t know what to do… so I called danny. The little guy was so frightened and hanging out in the corner of a locker. I shooed him out and scared him into a little tin can I use as a garbage can until security got there.

The security guard… was perplexed. We brought the little guy to the animal room… where we proceded to try to figure out where he escaped from. “No… not there… that’s the snake cage…”, “What about here?”, “Oh no… that’s the giant Madagascan Roach cage…”

Finally, I found his little companion in another cage next to a cage with a hole chewed through the plastic. We propped up some glass cages next to the hole and put the guy back in. Well, this was after he jumped out of the tin can I was holding… freaked us out… Ross came in the room and helped us catch him again… and we scared him into the cage. Finally.


uh… yeah.

There is no one else in the school except for myself, Ross, and the security guy (and I think few students who are in Robotics).

On tuesday I walked my paper over uptown to my professor’s. I picked Dan up on my way up… and afterwards we celebrated the conclusion of this school term at suite for some drunken finger puppet karaoke fun. (the puppets are these guys from the unemployed philosopher’s guild. cute, huh? they were a sweet gift from dan.)

uh… what is kant doing to hegel?
I have a Nietzsche in my cleavage…
my buddy, my buddy, my buddy, my buddy… my friedrich nietzsche and me!
I have no idea what dan is doing…
I think kant is being sodomized by the beer bottle o.O


we sang “summer nights” complete with our little puppet voices for the chorus, “tell me more, tell me more!”

Yesterday I ventured outside to meet few classmates. We sat down and read each other’s papers. That prospect is pretty scary to me, but shouldn’t be. It really shouldn’t be if I plan on going on in academia.

It might be a cause of worry that people started making cracks that my paper was way too long and *boring*. Like… “well, the parts that my eyes didn’t glaze over were great,” “hey it isn’t that bad,” “dude, wait till you get to the last 5…” Granted, that most of that was to get under my skin.


At least it wasn’t in courier new font. : P hrmph.

We worked from 7-11/12 and went to get a drink at the library. a bar called library.

From the astor place starbucks where we were working, we saw santacon. Hundreds of santas screaming and running around New York in utter chaos. o.O Scarey.

And today, I slept in and feel so much chippier. I am still a bit sniffly and coughy… but for the most part I feel better. My throat isn’t burning a second hell at least.