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I went with my mother to her second catarax surgery. We went there at the designated time and were made to WAIT and wait. It took them 30 minutes to change her into the gown. They put in her drops before taking the EKG or bloodwork which pushed back the surgery time (since they need to get the results back). Her eye doctor came and started scolding them, saying that if they aren’t going to be organized he should start bringing his patients in the day before to get the preop stuff done. It made me hesitant when he was trying to see whether we can just use the blood work taken another day and asked “How good is the blood good for?” Uh, shouldn’t you know that?

Anyways. I didn’t get to talk to him, but she was fine.

She was talking to my grandmother (her mother) about her last surgery and mentioned that shortly afterward, they give you a muffin and some coffee. My grandmother said something along the lines of “OMG! That is America for you, bred on coffee.” Yes, indeed. It is like returning to your mother’s tit.

During her op I went to have some hummus, falafel, and salad… and a beer (at 4pm! *gasp*). I’ve become such a lush lately. Now THAT is the real ambrosia… Ok. I must go stick my head in an oven while suckling a bottle of vodka!

I keep wanting to say that it’s Der Ister that is coming!!

I am hoping the storm floods the D train, so I wouldn’t have to make it into work tomorrow. :P I am terrible.

The rain is terrible. It is probably a good day for me to get cracking on my thesis and/or German Romanticism paper. I did make it to Sunday brunch. Every Sunday my friend Dan and I, and varying company, have a really nice brunch.

A reoccuring topic, time and time again, is the fact that NYC is supposed to be great, and sometimes it is, but it is so hard to sustain yourself here. For someone like me whose been here for their whole life, it is just how things are. Still, after high school and college, where everyone was from here, I’m meeting more people who come from the outside and experience the city in a completely different manner. The isolation, crowded nature, congestion, facelessness, and tininess is all particular in NYC.

Today at brunch, Dan’s friend mentioned that he loved the city but it took too much to maintain his life here. I’ve heard many people in my program complain about how isolated they feel. (Although, I also suspect that this is because a lot of them are coming straight from college where one can room with friends in dorms or convenient apartments. This becomes less of a possibility with jobs and life… I would think.) Then there are people who just are not ready to leave. They have this hope and wonder, still.

I have mixed feelings, duh, that’s a bit different, though. After high school, my friend Lige and I would talk about how NYC is the best. We couldn’t imagine living anywhere in the long term. We claimed that we would have to come back, if we were to go away. She went away and I stayed here. Now, it is taking a toll on me, but not for the same reasons as my classmates who were/are here for the short term. I like NYC, but it is too small. I would like to go outside. I don’t know if I want to come back ultimately, but I don’t have a concrete idea of where I would like to go. NYC makes it harder, because I don’t want to go to someplace tiny, but I do not want to go to the westcoast. I would like to go abroad, but I still have this notion of NYC as home. I want to go out, but I have this self-defeating prejudice that nothing will live up to NYC. This is the primary idea that I compare all others too.

Tokyo is too much, I could never feel comfortable in a place THAT congested… I don’t think I would like it very much to live in Japan.

At first, it just seems like a mass of sugar covered gummy goodness, but the details and narration are pretty cool.

Truth be told, I thought I was going to be portrayed as some drunken whore who keeps repeating Nietzschean mantras and has an unhealthy relationship with her cat.


Here is the conclusion of the AIX dinner date. Oh the suspense… who did Fred pick?







I lost. ; (

Yes. Little boys dreams were broken when wonder woman lost.







Everyone should incorporate a cape into their everyday outfits!!!

This was like … a total terrible fratboy partay… and like… lame. but we managed to keep ourselves occupied for as long as the open bar was up and running





It says:
I masturbated here (with a corona bottle)
I came with your boyfriend!
Drink up!