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I was waiting for the L train sitting on the bench in the 3rd avenue station. There was a guy on the other end of the bench playing with his DS Lite. After around 5 or so minutes a girl slides up next to him, says something and takes out her DS Lite, too.

Me: Did they just meet?
Ry: …why?
Me: Cause, they are like playing DS Lite with each other.
Ry: No… wait they did just meet.

They introduced themselves and just started playing each other.

Ry: WTF?!

So, should I tell the boy to get a wii, now?


Four years after announcing that she will never write for the Vampire Chronicles, Anne Rice is writing one final Lestat and Talamaska novel.

She is still a born again, though..

My days were like this:
Get in to Los Vegas at 1am on Sunday. Forage for food. Get in bed by 3am and wake up around 9am. All the days after that, up by 6:30 and at the Hotel at 7pm. Dinner was had around 9pm. I got to bed around 11-12am, repeat and rinse.

I barely answered work emails.

So, all I did today, my first day being back was blog, check out other blogs, and waste time on the internet. I caught up on my celebrity news at my favorite microsoft paint gossip site.

Here is a random oddity. Shape the skin into letters of the alphabet. Fun times.

Really, I never thought I would think “I can’t wait to be on that plane..” We toyed with the idea of staying an extra day in Vegas, but it wouldn’t have been all booze and ho’s. We would have had to help take down the booth, etc. We were toying with the idea of secretly changing our flight and paying for an extra night. Eh.

I don’t really enjoy these tradeshows. CES, was too much. I mean there were some cool things, such as Bumblebee and this camera that measured depth (I played a boxing game on it with my bare fists!)

Meanest thing Gizmodo did at CES.. Ha ha. At least our displays were all controlled via RF remote! (take that suckas)

The flight back was nice. Since I was dead tired, I basically passed out for most of the flight (save the last hour and a half). My neck hurts, but I was in JFK before I knew it. I think i fell asleep before taking flight. Narcolepsy 1, Plane 0. Take that bitchez.

I always feel either cold, or sniffly, or dry, or … Yeah, I’m just one whiny muthafucker on a plane. I am always reminded how a plane is just an infestation of bacteria and viruses. Maybe this is because Sophea had a cold and sat next to me in all her sniffling infected mucousy glory.

Anyway, here are some geeky and not so geeky links to start things off.

Top 10 Hottest Women in Tech. This is fairly self explanatory. Maybe I should have submitted something, haha.

Star Wars Guide to the Presidential Candidates.

Monster HOODIES. I totally need to score one, because being a biting little Mroewk!!! thing isn’t enough..

This totally eliminates any guilt with being late to work. It is a wifi alarm clock that donates money to a charity every time you hit the snooze button. Dude.

U Mich is apparently offering a course on “How to be gay.” No joke. ; )

And here is something SO completely wrong… Predict when Britney Spears is going to die and win a free PS3.

My heterosexual life partner, Soph, was absent from the office for a week… where I had to take care of everything. After that whole mess, I have not been motivated to get anything finished.

I have stopped taking anything in this office seriously.

Andy was absent today, because he went shopping. Seriously. Wtf?

Cute – But, obviously not on the edge of good decorating.


We went all the way to Staten Island to take part in one of the more gluttonous feasts (for me, anyway). The crazy woman kept on refilling my plate three times. I think by the end, I was passed out on their stairs.



We were all too innocent then to know the horrors of eating to much that awaited us.







my sweet little SUSU.

And it was someone’s birthday..