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I gave it a listen to before, but I have to admit that I wasn’t really paying attention. In general it didn’t really grab me…. it wasn’t too memorable. (I think I just stopped listening after the first two songs) I was one of those Garbage fans that stopped listening after “Version 2.0″… and really disliked “Beautiful Garbage.”

First of all… “Bleed Like Me” IS more like the self titled “garbage” than “beautiful garbage.” Still… there is an edge missing. The new album is still more synth pop than rock and much more softer. The album really fails to pull you in in the beginning, unfortunately. (hence my previous opinion) However, I did find redemption in “Why Do You Love Me” and the end of the album (which resembles “Ver 2.0”). “Boys Wanna Fight” was especially memorable. Surprisingly, the soft and slow ballad “It’s All Over But The Crying” was really nice. The rest of the album is catchy… but the lyrics are a bit cheesy at parts. Their lyrics were always very linear, but whenever Manson says “C’mon baby be my bad boyfriend…” in “Bad Boyfriend,” it makes my skin crawl.

It’s really worth a listen (and more)… but this is much more produced than their first self titled album. In this case, since it was their unpolished rough edge that gave them their distinct sound, it’s a bit of a disppointment.

I’m alive and well and still in Japan. Right now, i’m in Kagoshima. My internet access has been limited. Right now, I’m staying at my cousins’ (opposed to my grandmother’s) where technology is thriving and everyone is in the 21st century.

We’ve been busy with some ohaka mairi and matters regarding my father’s ashes. There’s also obon coming up. I’ve also been going to onsen (public bath houses / natural springs ) a lot… which is wonderful. I ate some ramen, went shopping, and in general have kept moving.

I’ve come to the conclusion that two weeks in kagoshima is the perfect amount of time. There’s no time to be idle. (especially this time around) We went to Miyazaki and Izumi… miyazaki rare steak was delicious. Otherwise, I’ve been eating a lot of kaiten (rotating) sushi, general washoku courses (Japanese style food), and yummy home cooked meals. I think a good summary of this vacation is Eating, Onsen, Ohaka/relative/respecting those who’ve left us (death?).

Who’s Afraid of Shelby Knox?, 6/10/2005 – The Texas Observer

The Education of Shelby Knox shows the progression of understanding of tolerance within Shelby Knox through her years in highschool. After seeing the conditions of High Schoolers’ sex ed classes, she becomes a voice for a more comprehensive sex education course in Texas. Although she has her moral convictions about premarital sex, she becomes an unlikely ally for teens’ sexual education. The movie is mostly about tolerance regardless of religious or moral convictions, that and common sense.

I urge everyone to check this documentary out on PBS on June 21, 2005.

I saw a screening of this at the Lincoln Center Human Rights Watch International Film Festival with my friend Lige. Afterwards, there was a Q and A with Ms. Knox, herself. She was much more eloquent than she ever was on the film, very surprisingly. It was a real treat.

It’s a huge terrible joke. As soon as this site is back up, I go on a mini hiatus. I suppose that that’s fine because no one really visits. (har har har)
My father past away. It seemed really banal and tasteless to post about it when it happened. I didn’t have the words and just felt awful. Things are noticably better now. If anything, there is merit to keeping busy and planning ceremonies. It keeps people moving, ticking, and working. This is definitely good for my mother, I believe. Then again, we’re both very competant people… strong… and although we miss him, we can (and must) function without him.
Although I haven’t had the final confirmation, they suspect that it was a heart attack. He was young, in his fifties. It happened on the 31st of May.
“Yougottadance. Aslongasthemusicplays… Justdon’tletyourfeetstop.”

I formed my own opinion of it, I loved it, and then went to see reviews. It seems that critics are torn between appreciative and condemning it for trying too hard. I thought it was delightful… despite the fact of being more metaphysical than epistemological (I would think that those questions would pertain more to the overall topic of existentialism), and the whole thing being some sort of exercise of psychotherapy.

— you might want to stop reading here… if you don’t want spoilers.–

I thought it was funny and ridiculous in a good way, though. Most times, that is the only way movies like these can be redeemed. The movie was obviously unsatisfactory in the sense of not explaining why these questions exist for these people and creating unattractive characters. Really, I want to like the characters of movies I like. Eh. However, Huckabees, was delightful.

I have thing against Jude Law, though. I think it is because he seems too perfect. Too beautiful, too confident, and too Hugh Grant sans the hurt little boy. It seems like he has no flaws… except for arrogance. I think I dislike him because he seems too perfect… too perfect to ever be satisfactorily depraved or human. Perhaps, though, he just disturbs me. I don’t feel comfortable around people like him.

Not that I ever need to worry… cause… well… he’s Jude Law. What the hell does it matter what I think?

I do admit that some points in the movie were too … shallow… like when Albert sees himself juxtaposed against Jude’s character. I don’t see how recognizing similarities or that there are other entities like you supposes that the world is one “big blanket” and everything is the same. Eh. But now… I am thinking too much about the possibilities of the movie’s theories.

I mean… the point of existentialism is that you go through the angst and distress on your own and emerge from it as an in tact individual strong in your own universe of values… right? That is the point… so… in the bigger picture, I’m not sure how the detectives and teachers really come into play or work.

I liked it because it illustrated the process of existential crisis so well. In that scene where Albert learns the significance of his cat dying, it hits everyone that people are people are people… and all individuals with their own desires and impulses. These are the things that allow you to have this distinct feeling of being alone and an individual. I like the overall nuances about the people in Albert’s organization as this collective mob (Slave mentality! AHH!). I feel that it is important to give that theme some time on the stage. I also just laughed throughout the whole fucking movie… err even parts where no one was laughing.

I mean, how do you go about finding the individual … being aware of the individual inside of you?

Perhaps this is the point of the book, however, I can’t say that I really get Kafka’s The Castle. I mean, other than a book about the unattainable and people and yourself that are utterly unhelpful, stumped, and lost in a maze of convoluted tasks. This can very well just be the point of the book, as a sort of commentary on general life. I suppose. This idea is a bit disappointing and unsatisfactory. The point is, it isn’t a hard read, but the plot is unrecognizable, really, and when you don’t see the point of something, it’s hard to plough forward with the reading. Hence, I’m taking way too long to really read this. Eh. I think I might have to check out sparknotes, or other resources after I finish it. (I would like to give my own brain a chance to process this without any help.)