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I’ve been trying to be active. I’ve been running races, but I’m definitely not as active as I was, say… around 4 years ago? It’s sort of a sore point, getting older and just being aware of how hard it is to maintain your body. I’ve over-indulged COMPLETELY. I don’t know where my iron-clad discipline went.

I’m taking this whole year to gear up to thinking of myself as 30/30-something. I’ve had 10 years to get used to my 20s. I know that’s quite dramatic, but it’s true. And let me clarify to say that I don’t feel sad or anxious about it. It’s the problem I always have. When I turned 17 over 10 years ago, for half of that, I still thought of myself as 16. I forget. I also forget to write “2011” sometimes. Ridiculous, right? Most days I don’t even know what date it is.

This is all coming out because I just celebrated a birthday. A really nice birthday, I would have to say. I usually never celebrate it. The prior year was very lame and kind of annoying (because I was being a brat and the boy just hung out with me at home – he wanted to go out, but I was insistant on sulking at home). But this year, I had everyone come out to a local bar with TONS of craft beer, ate some great friend oyster po boys and fried pickles, and got high by the end of the night. Glorious. And this is really all I need. That and an icecream maker, which I received. So my birthday was quite perfect… well almost. I went to a DISAPPOINTING restaurant on the actual date of my birthday. And my mother missed out on that. What’s up with that? But, I think I’m still winning (via Charlie Sheen, of course), so it’s all good.

So… can’t complain?

Anyway, back to the running… Race-wise, I’m down 5, 6 if you count this weekend. I just have until the 3rd 10k in June until I’m qualified for the Marathon if I stay on schedule.

Oh yeah, and I finally got the funny 5 fingered barefoot running shoes. I’ve ran a few times/miles with them and it’s very different.

I still have the plague, unfortunately. It flared it’s ugly head in the form of a 100+ fever.

But let’s talk about something else.

I’m scheduled to run the 4 mile grid iron race in the beginning of February (good thing I don’t need any training for that). I want to run something in the beginning of March and then I’m all ready signed up to run 15k in the end of March.

I have 2 races I’m planning on running in April and one tentative one planned for May. That would make the count “7” if I keep to that schedule. That means, by the beginning of summer, I will be past half way done with my qualifying races. Then I can just run right after the summer when it’s more comfortable around September and October and BE DONE! I will have to see what race I want to volunteer for, though. That’s about it.

This isn’t the hard part… you know. The hard part is actually training and running after the qualifications.

This weekend I had the plague. Friday, I was all ready feeling under the weather. Yesterday, I was horribly achy, had a fever, and had chills… it basically HURT to sleep. This morning I was feeling reasonably better. My fever broke several times last night (and spiked back up), but stayed out of sight today. My achiness was mostly gone, except for a slight stuffy congested feeling. And you know when you’re sick and you have this bad taste/smell permanently lingering because you’re sick? Well I have that.

I went to get a haircut today. Of course every etiquette book, if they had a chapter for ‘how to be a decent human being,’ it would have a little paragraph on how I shouldn’t get services done while sick out of respect for others. Oh well. I was desperate for a haircut and well… germs are everywhere. Deal. I did shower, and I medicated myself so i wasn’t coughing or sneezing while in the chair. And my haircut was mediocre, since I went to a mid-price salon in Chinatown, which is still half the price of my guy in midtown. My hair looks manicured… and FLAT.

I also spent half the time kind of icked out at the place… after watching hours of Tabitha Salon Takeover on Bravo TV while I was sick. Look at all the hair just accumulating! Did my hairdresser actually lay the dryer down on the floor?! (Near the hair?!) They get “A” for effort, but the only reason I go there is because my best friend likes the place, so I go there to hang out with her. Also, it’s cheap. So… touche.

I’m hoping once I wash my hair I can style it differently. I am also hoping it’ll just get me through to the next full haircut. We’ll see.

Just to recap… PLAGUE, almost ‘deaded,’ fried brain and lost regard for people, walked into DIRTY DIRTY salon where they trimmed my hair for a minimal fee. Overall, I got what I asked for.

I would like to introduce you to our newest addition, here at His name is Dogbot.

Jane in my office told me that I need to give him a cute name, though. So I thought, why not “Destroyer of Worlds?” and Jane said, “DOW is a perfectly cute name.” But technically, he’s Ryan’s so… it’s probably Dogbot. Just sayin’

He likes crocheted bacon, chasing and collecting dust bunnies, and new friends (does not necessarily have to be made of yarn or stuffing). He’s the Chief Operations Officer around here.

Dogbot was made by myself using Nelly Pailloux‘s “Dogbot” pattern from her Crobots: 20 amigurumi robots to make book. It’s easy to use, even for the beginner. Dogbot was fairly easy to make for someone who hardly ever crochets (but I do knit).

He was made using wool medium weight scrap yarn and a 3.25 (not the 2.77 recommended) hook. He is stuffed with high quality toy-grade polyester and lots of love.

I hope to try to make one little guy a month. (Especially since I committed to making little handmade things for 3 of my facebook friends on a meme.)

Somehow, running the marathon is not as daunting as updating this blog. Just sayin’… But I’m the type of person that likes to spite those that are skeptical of me. If someone tells me I can’t do something, I secretly want to do that very thing and spite them passive aggressively. Yeah, I’m that type of chick.

I always like a challenge, so when I read earlier today that WordPress is challenging bloggers to write for every single day of 2011, I wanted to do that. I felt very bitter towards the little voice in me that says, “Fuck, I can’t reliably post once a month.”

And today earlier at work, I made a vow to try to post every single day. I am going to give myself some allowances. I am going to go for 30-31 posts in a month for 12 months straight. This means that although I just found out about this on the 4th, I can still catch up with smaller frequent posts. I’m not sure whether that’s the direction I want this blog to go, but I’m willing to experiment. Just excuse the fact that this all happened on the 4th and now I’m home typing in the very early hours of the 5th. Woops. Just lost another day.

A part of me thought that perhaps I should make a resolution just to update one of my blogs a day. Maybe that’s more realistic.

Today was my re-entry into the productive workforce. I just got back from Portland early yesterday morning and came into the work for the first time in the New Year. So, in my mind yesterday was really the first, the first day of the new year in the real world. So, I will post a post for every real day I have. :P

I ran outside yesterday for the first time in a long time. My iPod died halfway, but surprisingly the view was enough to keep me focused. I ran the entire loop from 59th st. to 110th st and back. I was planning to keep going but I definitely underestimated how it would feel to run on actual terrain for the first time in a while.

A lot of things are changing in the park. Near the 70s, there was a little tunnel made out of tree branches that inertwined, but it was hacked and cut through. Tavern on the Green, although I think I heard about this, was out of business and the lawn and parking lot bare. That was a little depressing. It was always a fixture at Central Park with all of its lights and pruned animals (I especially like the unicorns). I am surprised no one wanted to jump start it. It was always a place that just rested on its previous laurels and location. I had my prom there, which was beautiful, but the food was less than. I don’t remember anything from the food that night.

I used to run regularly when I lived in Manhattan, but now I try to fit a run in in the mornings, so I’m running on a treadmill for less time. It’s completely different and I missing running in Central Park. Especially with the winter, running outside after I get out of work isn’t really an option. The only opportunity I would have is to come into Manhattan early on the weekends.

I am going to have to do that more often, since I applied for the 2011 New York Marathon Lottery and joined Road Runners to qualify for 2012. At one point I could run 12 miles like nothing, but clearly I need some more training now. My aim is to run the 26 miles under 5 hours. My stride for running 5-6 miles is 9 minute miles, around 10 it’s over 10 minutes, around 10:15 miles. If I were to run 26 miles now, I’m pretty sure the time would go over 5 hours.

It’s not that I have any desire to be a marathon runner, but the NYC Marathon is different with an incredible vibe. As a New Yorker that’s lived here her entire life, I just want to run it at least once (and maybe twice – if I get in for 2011).

So… here’s to many other runs in 2011 in Central Park!

I was going to complain about how I’m not good at updating this blog again. Instead, I am going to talk about blogs through the years…

I’ve had this blog FOREVER. I think I started blogging around 1997-1998. Those archives are still somewhere on the net, if my ex, whose servers I used, still has it up and running. (Consequently my site shared space with their porn archives. Just saying.) I’ve had couple of domains and finally settled here at winglike right around 2001… if I’m not mistaken.

This is just to say, I’ve seen the culture develop and morph. I’ve followed some people like Dooce, since before her marriage or two kids. I actually think other than Dooce, there is no one else that I’ve followed for this long that has continued to blog, which is sad. And recently, I’ve been lamenting that I don’t have any real interesting personal blogs to follow. Zannah over at found and vox machina, who is mostly MIA, might be the only other person. Sure, there are technical blogs, advise blogs, fashion blogs, etc… The closest is my friend Lohr, who I have been following for years. Even my close friends who used to have Livejournals have stopped updating.

One of the more interesting parts of blog culture was the whole E/N scenes that popped up in the late 90s. One point, I used to be hooked on cam culture. That might not sound like much, but it was voyeurism before reality TV took off. There were the pretty girls hamming it up for the cameras and then there were the weird nerd people posting odd shit on their webcams. I had a webcam and can you guess which one I fell into? Unfortunately a lot of them went underground or came full out of the PG closet. (Remember Nay? Apparently she went full on adult site and now retired with a child.) E/N sites (Entertainment? Everything/Nothing sites? Who knows what it stands for now.) were the shit and I used to read Webgossip by Webpig religiously. Now, I don’t think there is anything quite like that anymore.

What I really want is some juicy linear story telling and living vicariously. I used to follow this law secretary who worked in Paris, who wrote beautifully and lived an exciting life. I’ve met her once in person, too and corresponded with her. However, she eventually stopped writing after she applied, got in, and graduated from Harvard law school and went into a full time job. It’s to be expected.

It’s funny, Lohr writes about the same thing, where he refers to these journals as “lost voices.” And that is exactly what they are. I think I am just not immersed in the right blog or blogroll, but it looks like there is nothing out there.

I think this is also partly why I don’t write. I understand the need to close up shop and move on. Perhaps the time for personal blogs have come and gone. I feel like the blogs that get traffic now are “self-help” or “hot-to” blogs that focus narrowly to one topic. (It’s good to know what you’re getting, I guess.) Oftentimes I thought about closing up the archives and moving to a different name incognito. However, there’s just something sad about that. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that without inspiration and other people writing, I’ve lost perspective on how and what to write about.

I liked to follow people and hear about their lives… in hopes that I might feel inspired to do something new. I felt inspired to read a new book they raved about or go on vacation to a new and exciting destination. It’s a window to someone’s life and I guess that laid the foundation for my reality TV addiction. You know? I just want to read something funny and refreshing.

The Laundromat had a gallery opening the other night. And I just couldn’t resist buying a particular piece. It is Blackout by Liz Atzberger. If you remember, we have a piece by her already. It’s using black paint and magnets and it’s a beautiful small piece. I like how the edges are washed in a rusty red and green haze, and add to the light and depth of the black. Liz mentioned that it would make a good companion piece to the other work we have. I didn’t really think of that, but I have to agree. The variation in mediums makes me want to position them in a way where they will oppose each other, black and white… I’m still throwing around some ideas in my head. I’m still trying to figure out where to put it. Kevin hopefully will walk over and install it for us. I’m used to associating her with plastic cable ties (which I dealt with way too much when I worked for the NYS Dept. of Ed.) and bright neon colors, so it’s funny that we have pieces that are primarily white and black.
I was telling Ryan that I was a little against getting a second piece, once I found out it was her, because I didn’t want to have a “thing.” I am fundamentally a little allergic to the idea of having a “thing.” The only thing more ridiculous is to make “not having a thing,” a thing in of itself, so I ignored that and went with my gut.

The show itself was along similar lines as the The burger show they did last year. Basically the showing artists create concepts that people will consume. There were some really great burger ideas last year. There was some talk about doing a hot dog show, but they settled on drinks. I think practically that that is the better idea. However, I was a little excited a for the idea of hot dogs. This, I think was a winning idea. They had an extensive menu of tasty treats and cute names.
Ben Godward’s drink seamlessly melded with his sculpture, which consists of buckets and globules of paint creating something of a neon phallic mountain-scape. His corona bottles were mini little sculptures that one of the prop stylists that attended the show bought for a famous day time talk show host/cook. (And coincidentally Ben was so sweet and gave us a bottle to have, which we are a little hesitant to open. We have something this semi-famous person has. HAH.)
We also had a Creamaster, which was a white russian, inspired by the video artist Matthew Barney by Artist Bob Scheib. (Who, by the way, enthusiastically made us the drinks and didn’t charge us exclaiming, “Art should be free!”) Another notable whiskey and soda green drink with a plastic shark was “The impossibility of a hangover in the mind of someone getting drunk…” Liz created a drink with coffee grinds, anise and vodka, which was pretty frightening, but went down pretty easily. Finally, I had the bacon salt rimmed pickle martini with a pickled brussel sprout, because it has everything I love. And it was surprisingly creamy and pretty damn awesome. Late in the party, I was running around shouting, “LICK THE RIM” pretty enthusiastically. That’s what happens to me when you mix bacon, martini, pickles, and brussel sprouts with me.

Finally, there was this beautiful delicate piece by Maiko Susu Shioda. I’m annoyed that my iphone couldn’t capture the details of the dress, which was made out of a certain type of packing tissue. It was delicate with dress like creases, a peter pan collar, and beautiful intricate details done in collage form.
Amy and Kevin purchased this piece (which was inquired about by other patrons, as well…), but they showed me an alternate piece that she did, pencil and paper of a bird, that was delicate, intricate with its wings splayed. Her lines are amazingly skillful with its texture and fineness. I was tempted to buy the piece, but it felt too impulsive. I might brood on it.