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I couldn’t sleep. It is 5am and I cannot sleep. I was just thinking, and of course this thinking leads to finances.

I have a job, but my finances are less than ideal. In short, I feel that I am living above my means when considering how much I am saving. Of course for the first few paychecks, I did splurge after having months of semi-good behavior.

I dislike living the high-life paycheck to paycheck. Also, working in the asset protection and building environment, I would eventually like to have some assets to invest.

I wasn’t cushy by any means before I quit my last job, but I did have the provisions for a few months of self-sufficiency, a few thousand squirreled away. However, I did do something awfully stupid and went on vacation during the summer.

Times like this, when I am up at almost the crack of dawn, I like to read livejournal debt blogs to experience a little bit of Schadenfreude. Of course, it isn’t all kittens and bubbles. I actually did not know how dangerous Student Loans can be when defaulted. Everyone seems to say, “student loans are better than any other loans,” but that isn’t the case. Mortgages, at least are not negative loans, but student loans when they are defaulted are scary creatures, perhaps just as scary as Credit Cards.

Anyway, I’ve started to use to track my student loans, credit cards, checking, savings, and stocks. After everything factored in, my net worth is in the negatives… ha ha ha… I will say that this is because of my lack of savings and my student loans. They actually track all my spending out of my checking and organizes them depending on the institution. You can set up budgets and see how much you actually spend on bars, food, shopping, and paying bills.

In other news, I don’t know my credit score. I have seen my report, but I CANNOT find a single source that offers it one time for free (unless I sign up for something with a credit card, which seems a bit counter intuitive). I think legally they are only required to show you your report and not your credit score, huh?

I am aware that the comment boxes don’t line up correctly. I am just way too lazy to fix it. If I am going to fix it, I would rather just make a new layout.

So there.

The Superbowl was pretty much kick-ass! Any game that makes me interested is a good thing. I didn’t know who was playing until earlier today when I hung out with Genevieve and her husband Chris. Gen was rooting for the Steelers and Chris was rooting for the Cardinals. I didn’t have a preference, until I stumbled upon my friend Mike’s party after the halftime. The Cardinals were behind, so I started rooting for them.

I was basically rooting for the underdog and the way the Cardinals turned it around was pretty amazing. Then I sorta wanted the Steelers to score a field goal so the game would go on to overtime… I just wanted to start some trouble. Instead, we got to see a pretty cool touchdown (although the footage of him catching it was cool, I imagine the throw to be harder). All in all, I was interested.

I don’t think I would be watching any more football games out of my own accord, but it was pretty cool.

We got awesome pizza from Ralph’s on 56th and 9th. Apparently they waited for Papa John’s pizza for 2 hours and finally turned away the pizza guy when they came after 2 phone calls (and the last one was very rude).

Everything chased with a new episode of the Office!

So, I know that I need to update this thing. It’s been hard, because the only time I can really update it is from work… it’s been busy.

So, I am spending a few minutes before popping out to a superbowl party writing, here. I am interested in the comaraderie. I have also NEVER been to a superbowl party, so I am interested in what these people do. I am not one to watch this thing for the commercials. I just watch the choiciest ones on the internet later.

I know, advertisers hate me.

I think I might be one of those people who are a little slow. I need time to regroup. I need time to sloth around a bit. Instead of it being evenly divided throughout the day, I get my whole sloth time in on the weekend and at the end of the day. I think it is a little unproductive. Meh. Complain complain complain.

I do need to shape up a bit. I can’t button my smurf pants. Bad. I am beginning to be like a teapot.

Quick updates:

There was a fire in my work building. The whole top floors were smoked out. The culprit was a fire in a small mailbox that an employee doused with water and failed to notify anyone. Apparently that little thing smoked out the top floors. We had to walk down 32 flights… (in theory, I should have ,but I took the elevator. I will be that douche-bag that gets stuck on the elevator during a crises.)

I think the iphone requires one too many clicks to make a phone call. It should be simple. I do enjoy the GPS map system, though. The best app is the Ocarina that lets you play a song. I AM GOING TO BE THE BEST IPHONE PLAYER EVER!!!

I went to see the John Adam’s opera, the Death of Klinghoffer and had a wonderful time.

I also went to see Groanbox at Le Poisson Rouge, where I heard a cute John Adams diddy and the premier of the new David Bruce piece.

I am breaking out like crazy. I know why, but it sucks.

I hate those “Little bit of luck lotto commercials.” CREEPY.

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Cookie monster is moonlighting at union square. Either that or he’s recently become a hipster.
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Tomoe has become my FAVORITE destination for fresh and buttery sushi, downtown. It’s right near West 4th st, always has a line, and a bit pricey. Still, I can’t say it isn’t worth it.

The grilled salmon skin.

The Chirashi Sushi dinner is superb, with a compartment filled with tuna, salmon, hotate (scallop), squid, kai, yellowtail, etc… accompanied with tamago, ikura, tobiko, with an abundant middle compartment full of pickles and rakkyo.

AND the Otokoyama carafe of sake came in a wine carafe. WTF? For $20. That is seriously a good deal. It took us SO long to finish that.