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This morning I was reading my usual sites with my morning coffee. Did you guys notice the creepy post on It basically says

I said she dumped me, but really, I dumped her (body).

(Here is a link on gawker that talks about it. The reddit community went wild and figured it out that this was a park in Chicago. This morning I tweeted/FBed about it, but that’s about it. I do honestly hope that is a hoax. It’s creepy as f*ck. (I love creepy stuff, and this gives me the willies that I usually get off on. Still, this is a little macabre for me and this shit is no joke. On the other hand, I totally get into cults, serial killer stuff, and weird internet creepy oddities, like that time traveler that popped up on forums back 10+ years ago – Google John Titor. Or how about that toynbee tiles documentary, still available on netflix? If anyone has any other recommendations, please let me know.)) Holy parentheses batman!

I think everyone is surprised something like this hasn’t happened before. I wonder what the QA process is like when putting up secrets. Do controversial ones get the automatic posting? Someone said, it looked like these postcards were sent prior to 2013. Still, I bet there is a lot of thought to go into it. Some are heavy, some are life affirming and uplifting, and others show us that we’re not alone in misery. Although eye-catching secrets are rarer, I still love the idea of this project.

Maybe this is why I watched that movie with Jake Gyllenhaal on the Zodiac Killer late tonight, and now I’m up… still wired.

Another thing that caught my attention lately is all the Leah Remini Scientology defection news that got TONs of press. You bet I read through the entire long interview with her sister to that small little radio station. Man, Tony Ortega’s site has been blowing up about it. I love it. I really hope the movement that demands the whereabouts of Shelly Miscavige gain momentum. Love. This. Stuff.

It’s voyeuristic, I know. Oftentimes things like this piggyback on real sorrow, so I don’t mean to make light of that. I’m just sort of amazed at all the things that people do.

On a more lighthearted note, can we talk about the VMAs? No one is talking about it, it seems, but Daft Punk’s “visit” was super lame. THEY DIDN’T EVEN “PERFORM.” THEY JUST PREVIEWED A SONG. Especially after that amazing Colbert dance off to “Get Lucky”, with the drama of getting Daft Punk on air. I find it disappointing that Steven’s whole segment wasn’t very genuine and Daft Punk was never suppose to perform on his show. (There were rumors that Robin Thicke was always the one booked to perform that day.)