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This article seems alarmist about teenagers spending 30+ hours online. However, the truth of the matter is is that functioning adults spend 40+ hours online, I bet.

I know just from my own job, I’m always connected to the net. Everyone is plugged into their email, of course, and a lot of people in my department use Instant Messengers to ping each other. It’s a fact of the work environment.

Otherwise, given my job, I am always refreshing my browser, checking sites I work on, and generally cannot fathom not spending time connected to the internet. Things I do that doesn’t require me to be plugged in, might be when I can test a site locally, which usually only happens with emails constructed in HTML or I am tweaking a graphic in photoshop. Oh yeah, also when I am in blasted meetings… I’m nursing on a cup of coffee and taking notes. In conclusion, I highly suspect I am wired to the net 40+ hours on a regular week.

Although I work as a web editor, I suspect other white collar workers to spend just as much time online.

In my last job at an LCD company, I did a fair amount of leaving the office for sales pitches, checking the stock room, trouble shooting RMA screens, and moving inventory around…

Ok ok… I guess the point is that realizing I spend 40+ hours online should mean that on my day off I should spend it outside. I get it. And I usually do, which explains why I neglect my email on the weekend and website most of the time.


I’m watching a Peanuts episode where Charlie Brown becomes neurotic about giving the “little red hair girl” a valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day Website!

This was the first time in a long while where I can just sit down and do some redesigning on this thing. Usually I spend so much time in front of a computer, that that is the last thing I want to do. During the weekend, the last thing I am going to do is sit in front of my laptop, when there are movies to be seen and shopping to be done! Really…

However, today I spent the day coding on my small 12″ monitor… I couldn’t stand the last design. I have to say, after spending so much time with two screens, one being 24″, my 12″ little laptop isn’t cutting it. I spent some while hooking up this tiny thing to my 32″ Vizio LCD TV and that helped, a little. I need a bigger resolution (aka more desktop space), but my TV is too far away to really read small text.

Although on a regular day I don’t feel like parsing through code, after spending so much time optimizing other people’s sites, it was getting embarrassing and annoying. That’s one thing I was afraid of. If I found work as a web designer, it would take the fun out of coding. On one hand, I don’t like spending time on the computer anymore.

That’s enough apologetic excuses for neglecting this site.

Yesterday I drank way too much and encountered some asses at this swanky little place on 14th called “Mr. Jones.” It was a Yakitori place, supposedly, but it was more like a swanky little lounge that offered yakitori. Either way, they made a STRONG Old Fashioned and Sidecar.

So, I was there with McCharen and this guy touches my shoulder. Not on accident, mind you. He was feeling my sweater, I guess. And he was DRUNK. His friend just kept laughing in a manic manner and the guy kept drawing large circles around his head. He could talk, mind you… and then they were hitting on these girls. Then I think they were taking candid shots of us, or something.

Weird moments.

That’s when we knew it was time to head home.

Yay! I was invited to the office brunch. (This is where we all order breakfast food for lunch and meet in the kitchen…)

Lumberjack Pancakes (with all the meats and two eggs) for lunch!!!

“Hey! Tonight is cougar speed dating!”

From younger coworkers… I am talking early 20s.

We all just crowded around someone’s monitor and watched the procession around 10am-1pm. I flittered between doing my work and looking over my co-worker’s shoulder.

I like the speech and I was wowed by how many people showed up. Another co-worker was somewhere there amongst the craziness… infecting people with her cold. How lovely. But really, it must have been amazing to be there in that moment.

I have been feeling good. Tired, but good. However, some time in the evening today, I realized that I’ve let these paranoid antisocial feelings crawl back up again. I think it’s the winter days and the fact that I don’t see the sun during the weekdays except for the small walk to and from the train station every morning. Otherwise, I get off around 6pm-7pm and it’s dark.

I remember now how much the daily drudge of the subway commuting and losing most of my day sucks. Of course the grass is always greener. Ideally I would be able to feel productive while still getting out at a decent hour around 4pm and 5pm. I think people need days like that during the winter.

Not like that is going to happen any time soon, though.

Surprisingly the iPhone is keep my spirits up. I wasn’t one to get attached to a phone (maybe a camera, but never a phone in the past), but I feel that I would completely feel handicapped if I was ever to lose it.

Nothing really touches me other than seeing how many people are there…and this feeling of mutual interest in the office.

My coworkers are convinced that this is a work hazard… They think the brightness and largeness of the imac will make me blind. They are now actively campaigning to move me to a bigger desk.

I actually want to stay in the boys section, since they amuse me so much. I think at this point I would be very sad, lonely, and bored somewhere else. : )

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