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I really like my coworkers, however, the first week of work, when I started (and maybe I am walking down memory lane, because my year review is coming up) they gave me this motivational calendar with pictures of landscapes and captions like, “Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” Really? Why would you ever give your employees that? It’s just asking to be made fun of. And don’t get me wrong, most people here are smart, funny, and ironic, which is why I appreciate them. On the other hand, it can’t even be twisted sense of humor. In the end, it’s probably apathy, which is worse. It was lying around and they gave it out. I think they got it free from their work supplies company.

I had another coworker who used to draw ridiculous doodles all OVER my calendar. She would say, “Girl, this is seriously NOT YOU. I need to get you a new calendar.” LIke, you know Suicidal Bunnies or something.


So, the other day, I bought a new calendar! I am addicted to this discount store called, LotsLess! It’s like Odd Job, and it has all these great thigns that were banished from other stores. I love $99 cent stores, even if the one near me is actually a “$99 and above” store (Yeah, I don’t get it, either. Typically everything is around $1.29). I got this 99 cent calendar of cute poppy 50’s-esque art. The calendar is called “Suburban Socialites.” I would prefer the Suicidal Bunnies, but for the office, I’m a bit cheap. This will do.

You know, and maybe Suicidal Animals aren’t very appropriate for the office. I all ready have a suicidal fruit on my cubicle. Not to mention a creepy photo of myself and 2 other coworkers masked as Steve clones. (That clipping was given to me by a coworker that no longer works here, “Tweeting can make you heartless: Study,” it says. At the time, I thought it was a not-so-subtle hint and a some twisted sense of humor that caused her to give it to me. Of course, I put it up.)

This is all to say that at times, I feel like my calendar is silently mocking me. Well, I win after December, stupid calendar, “I GET TO REPLACE YOU!!!!!” (Maybe I am overthinking this?)

In other news, I left for Cambodia at a weird time. I WAS SO BUSY the day I was due to leave, I barely ate and left 30 minutes later for the airport. This is why smart people like Sopeark opted to stay home the day of. “It always happens,” he says. I, just didn’t want to give up my vacation day for packing. (I also went to work the next day after I came back, so there!) The thing is, the end of the year and beginning of January gets slower for us, since the holiday season is here. The busiest time is Fall, which past. Now, we need to stimulate growth through the slower months. This just means, I don’t need to stay those late nights these days. It’s nice, but also weird. I mean, it’s not like I get to enjoy any daylight, anyway, though… since it gets dark around 4-5pm. Boo.

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I did not see Obama. He spoke inside and came and wen through the back (of course), which was blocked off by a big Mack Truck. I kid you not. However, he did apparently go through William Street and wave to everyone!

At my work, we get tons of crazy fan mail. That above is some weird LONG letter complete with photo copied bills and a real $1 bill. What’s up with that? I don’t know.

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Boss: Are you an airbourne person?
Umi: Uh, Are you asking me whether I have it? No.
Boss: Yeah… *walks away*
Umi Shouts: I don’t buy into it! It’s just vitamins.
Boss Shouts: And other things.
Umi Shouts: You know, they got sued!
Boss: Yeah…

OMG, and they are just sitting there across from me… taunting me… begging me to have a third. :::shifty eyes:::

Heard at work…

Ring ring (coworker’s phone)
“Sure, I’ll transfer you…”

Ring ring (my phone… wtf?)

Me: Hello
CEO: Hey, do you have twitter?
Me: Yes…
CEO: What’s your name. Oh this is *** by the way.
Me: I know. It’s the name of my website domain name.
CEO: What’s that?
Me: You’re not going to let me have my secrets?
CEO: Uhg! Fine, fair enough!
Me: I have different accounts for different purposes… (insert lengthy explanation here)
CEO: So… what should my screename be? I don’t want to be one of those dorks.

I must feng shui it or something…