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We went apartment hunting to no avail. In the end, the apartments in Harlem and Washington Heights were not any larger than where we are now. Also, we successfully talked our landlord into lowering our current rent. In the end, given the additional costs of moving, I am relieved.

Our apartment, though, could use some work. At the moment, we’re fighting the fruit flies. I let some bananas go bad while we were at Boston. Then they stayed for some empty wine bottles we left out. During the weekend, we purged and cleaned the kitchen. Then, we filled a small wine bottle with vinegar, soap, and some sweet smelling honey. Later, we got a giant thing of apple cider vinegar and waged a full out war. After leaving out four saucers of the stuff, the population has drastically gone down. Phew!

I also need the pilot lit on the oven. And our sink fixed. For two months, our sink has been leaking water. Then a month or so ago, the faucet handle broke. After forcibly twisting it to close, the whole faucet is seriously busted.


Cleaning dishes has been annoying, as well as, the whole thing is a big waste of water. The thing is, we called the landlord, and he was reasonable and nice. The super, though, is less than… Ridiculous. He was rude to the landlord, also, which makes me think that he is family or something.

It’s going to take some work to make this place “my space.” I need a dresser, bring more clothes over, and generally to mark my territory. I should scratch and slash the side of the couch or something.

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Last weekend I was black and blue after I was run over by a 10 year old on a bike. I was stepping off of the steps to my apartment and the boy launched his bike into my knees. Ryan turned and saw the whole thing in slow motion. Little boys now target me. : ( In the end I couldn’t even scold the kid I was bowled over with pain. It was a great way to start my birthday weekend.

This week, the bruise was a pretty purple and is quickly fading.

At least no kid threw rocks at me…

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I have NEVER been on a horse, so when I got up there, I was kinda nervous. I was excited, of course, to see Mr. Cloppity-Clop… very high level scientific terms we’re dealing with here. I should say Ms. Cloppity-Clop. When we started moving, it was startling. I could feel this girl sneeze, whinney, and move. I have to say though, Ms. Genie was the sweetest girl.

Ryan’s horse, on the other hand, was a little impatient and passed mine, eventually. However, Genie was so chill. She tempted to stray a bit and eat some grass at one point, but eventually refrained. Perhaps that was a perfect match.

We went with Ryan’s sister Tracy, who was on a horse since 2 and used to ride competitively.

When we first started trotting, I freaked the fuck out and held onto the reign and pulled it taut. It wasn’t to slow down the horse, as much as to just kind of hold on for dear life. Later, I had fun with it, although I neglected to hold my hips up. My bum hurts.

I don’t know why, but I’m really wondering how emotionally complex horses really are. I sort of doubt that they have the psychological nuance necessary to be “happy.” Like, really, other than being chill and not showing any signs of aggression, the horse is just kind of … a horse? Then again, at the end of the ride, I witnessed Tracy’s horse being all kinds of affectionate with her and head butting her. On the other hand, it might have just had an itch and was using her as the means to its ends. You know, that horse probably never contemplated the Kantian categorical imperative.

For the end of March and the beginning of April, we were blessed with beautiful weather on Sundays. Unfortunately, I ended up either straightening up the apartment or laying about making brunch of most of the early afternoon… followed by imitating a beached whale and napping thereafter.

This weekend, though (?!?!) was different! I was determined to go out. On Thursday and Friday I anticipated a beautiful Saturday and made my plan known.


Thus, Saturday was a marvelous day of just wandering around downtown. We met up with Ryan’s sister for Brunch. She invited us to go horseback riding with her and her friend, but I was in a dress and I planned to go shopping and sit in a park. (I was, really, a bit torn. Next time, I will be all up on that…)

From Union Square we went to Great Jones Cafe for their supposed awesome brunch. It was tasty, but it was no Huevos Rancheros at Life Cafe in Brooklyn. They did have an AMAZING Cajun Bloody Mary.

We strolled over to Soho and visited 4 shoe shops, to no avail. SHOES. SHOES. THOSE SHOES RULE. THOSE SHOES SUCK. THOSE SHOES RULE… THOSE SHOES SUCK!!!! I was sorta kinda looking at sandals. Finally, heading up town from Houston, we saw Miz Mooz next to a Game Stop… and that is where I picked up a comfortable strappy flat sandals that are pretty damn cute.

After that, we parked ourselves on Madison Square Park and did like trees… and soaked up all of the sunshine into our non-chlorophylled bodies… Swayed a bit. You know, the whole bit. I tried to convince Ryan to get Shake Shack, but he grumbled something about Jambalaya Brunch… In the end we hung out by the dog park and covetted puppies! PUPPIES! I WANT PUPPIES!

SO… no puppies. I did pick up some yarn at Union Square market, did some grocery shopping, and then headed back into Brooklyn.

I don’t knwow where my productivity came from. Obviously I am related to some sort of plant-form, because I took one look at our filthy apartment and mopped, scrubbed, and swept. I cleaned the bathroom, I tidied up the living room, scrubbed the stove, did the dishes, and I cracked the whip on Ryan too.

: D All in a days work.

In the evening we went to the (link) Bushwick Starr for some William Blake, piano music by our friend Jessica playing Ravel’s Histoires Naturelles, Poulenc’s Le Bestiaire, and Caplet’s Trois Fables de Jean de la Fontaine.

Then we invited everyone back for a nightcap our newly cleaned apartment. : )

Our room mate L found herself at home one evening when the doorbell rang. She wasn’t expecting her boyfriend, so she apprehensively approached the intercom to see who it was.

“Who is it?”
“I’m giving out tampons.”
“Uh… It’s ok.”
“But it’s free.”
“It’s okay, I’m not coming down.”
“No, I’m coming to you.”