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Occasionally I have a reason to get all dolled up. Few Fridays ago, we were invited to attend one of the showings of the ACC showings of “Funny Money.”

The ACC is like a little secret nook in New York City. Admission is by invitation and the attire required for admission is basically a tux and formal evening wear. Ry’s friend’s family is heavily involved and invites us to shows.

I really love coming here, because the space is amazing. I love all the pictures and documents of all the shows they’ve put on. I like the actor’s lockers with all of the decorations… and booze. The whole building and courtyard is beautiful.

There is something about the accumulation of history, books, labyrinth like interior, and the antique lockers… that drives me nuts (in a good way)!

The play was really funny, but had that type of humor that was painful to watch at some points. Still, we had a really great time.

The best part is at the end of the night, we all went to Resto!

Apparently the Steinways (from the Pianos) were affiliated here…


The brunch we attended was much more laid back. We had tons of Bloody Mary and Mimosas with eggs, sausages, lox, and bagels.